It is Almost Thanksgiving!

Ah, one of the most wonderful times of the year is finally almost upon us. Like a lion, shaking its butt in a stealthy manner while preparing to spring upon the (I’m assuming) delectable haunches of a gazelle, I am wide-eyed with anticipation of a four-day all-out food fest. Ideally, I’d be hanging out with my sister in some sweatpants while trying to make garlic knots get out of my dreams and into my mouth, but since time off and airplanes do not grow on trees, that can wait until Christmas, which honestly is a much more family-oriented holiday in my world anyway. But enough with the sentimentality and on to the food.

While Thanksgiving is usually all about the football, I mean, while Thanksgiving is usually all about the bird, it has never been that way in my household. “Hold up,” you might say, “I am reading this blog post under a Veg* heading ““ of course the bird has never been key.” And well, you’d be absolutely right there. But even putting that aside, even pulling back to my halcyon days of childhood where my teeth would rip through flesh like so many ivory knives, even then, I was starch-mad. And when you take away the bird, Thanksgiving is nothing but the biggest, baddest, brawniest display of starch ever.

You can find the friendly starch in potatoes, wheat, and corn, which, by the way, are my favorite things to have at the Thanksgiving dinner table. A huge pile of smashed potatoes with butter/margarine, perhaps some chives, and mushroom gravy makes my heart sing. And not to be outdone, that gravy has a little starch in it, too, thanks to the flour. Cornbread and rolls both contain starches and both are absolutely imperative for a true Thanksgiving Day feast.

And what is the big day without stuffing? Perhaps I am the only one (I doubt it, by the way), but I only make stuffing once a year, and that once a year coincides perfectly with Thanksgiving. I use this recipe, and it always comes out amazing (for the record, you might need to add some more veggie broth than they ask for ““ I always do).

Sure, I throw in some cranberry sauce, and a nice salad, and sometimes I get some butternut or acorn squash going in one corner of the kitchen. These are all vital parts of the Thanksgiving feast, too, small splashes of color and vitamins to pick up a deliciously beige spread. But let’s not kid around about who the real stars of the show are. The starches are all that and a box of stuffing and they know it.

What are you favorite Thanksgiving dishes? What food theme do your dinners follow? Are you as hooked-on-starches as I am?

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MMM….Thanksgiving dinner. At my parents’ house ,there is the world’s best stuffing, that for some reason, included sage and pork sausage. I have no idea why, but it is the best thing I put in my mouth all year.

This year, my vegan brother in-law and sister-in-law are hosting. I am curious to see what they come up with. Will report back!

My plate is made up of a massive pile of homemade mashed potatoes, about 6 brown n serve rolls, gravy and only if there is room on the plate a small piece of turkey breast. No room for veggies on my plate unless this meal unless there is hollandaise sauce available then we’ll talk.Followed by pumpkin pie and chex mix later in the evening Oh and I couldn’t forget the pumpkin martini!

I’m making a pot roast because me and my small family are assholes who hate turkey. I’m also making a cranberry blackberry salad and some steamed veggies (broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots and water chestnuts).

And rolls and stuffing and au gratin potatoes and smashed potatoes and a loaf of homemade bread and a pasta salad. BRING IT ON, STARCHES.

If I knew how to make my grandmother’s homemade rolls, I’d make those, too. But mine never taste like hers even with her recipe. I fully suspect Gramma was part magic. <3

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