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It’s DIY News Day!

As at least half of the Persephone team is still without power and/or in the middle of Sandy’s aftermath, we’re taking an uncharacteristic day off in the middle of the week. 

I know! I know! Gawker is a tumblr now, there’s an election coming up, cats and dogs are living together. Give us 24 hours to get our shit together and we’ll be back tomorrow with all the blogging that’s fit to print.

In the meantime, please share the news of the day, .gifs, life stories and pictures of your hurricane manicures in this thread right here.

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So I did indeed write for the first day of NaNoWriMo. I didn’t hit the word count, but honestly? I haven’t been able to work past the Inner Critic to write a novel in years. So, if I manage to make myself sit down and TRY to write 1,660 words each day…I will consider that winning.

I’m NaNoing for the first time. I’m already convinced what I’m writing is total crap, but damnit, I’m gonna write a novel.

2,124 words so far, and I’m going to try to write a little more before bedtime.

Also, MLS playoffs have started. Not happy that Houston beat Chicago last night. I’m an SKC fan, and I don’t like how we match up against Houston. Do not want to face Tally Hall in goal. Do not want a repeat of last year’s playoff match-up. Tonight, LA plays Vancouver, and I’m not sure who I want to win. Mostly I hate LA, so I’d like Vancouver to beat them senseless. But, LA has Landon Donovan…and….I kind of love him. So torn…

I have gotten roped into participating into Gishwhes 2012*. I am currently trying to figure out if anyone I know has a Commodore 64 computer I can borrow and working out the logistics of making a kilt out of sliced cucumbers. My life is feeling very weird. But then my life has been very stress filled and awful lately and this is something of a welcome distraction.

*Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen

I can’t post pictures until after the hunt is over. It’s in the rules. But you had best believe I will then. Tonight is going to involve reprogramming Pac Man to have George Bush’s head as Pac Man and unicorns as all the ghosts, then videoing playing the resulting game.

We got our power back late last night and the hot shower I had this morning was glorious. I have not started writing yet for NaNo — I have work and then book club, so my writing won’t get done today until late this evening. While I was waiting for the storm to hit I mad cleaned my office and did a ton of chores. Every time I walk past the door and see my desk — which is almost never cleared off because my office is where everyone throws their crap when stuff needs to be hidden — I feel awfully excited about how neat it is. I’m so looking forward to sitting down tonight at it.

Hello friends, and I hope that the Sandy aftermath clears up for everyone soon.

I am still at the “holy crap” desperation stage. The bookstore temp job starts up again the Monday before Thanksgiving (and I’ll still be able to join Fella and his mom for the holiday due to the bookstore being on a campus that will be closed). But that’s several weeks before I work, and even MORE until I get a paycheck, and I might be homeless before I can pay rent. (And the stupid management company tends to have the “it’s your own fault” perspective to any kind of financial difficulties; at this point, the only thing I could MAYBE do is sublease but then I’d have to move and don’t really have anywhere to go.) I should go to the county’s human services office, but they have no information about things like “what to bring to an appointment so we know you’re not trying to commit fraud”. And the “contact us” page won’t load at all. I am at serious anxiety levels and only have food because Fella and I went to his mom’s last weekend and she always unloads leftovers and BOGO stuff.

Otherwise: NaNoWriMo starts today, and I need to get on my writing for the day.

I am in the middle of exams. Worst exam schedule ever – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday. The Saturday is a 9am Masters Economics that makes my tummy hurt even just typing it. I have done the Tues and Thurs. Yesterday’s was for a class I very much enjoyed . It was comprised of three essay questions and typical of me they went like this:
1. I am awesome! I am confident! I rocked this essay! I know my stuff!
2. Not bad, not bad. Stretched the framework a bit, but feeling pretty good.
3. I hope my marker has been drinking and has a sense of humor because it’s not critical thought needed here it is Game of Thrones level of fantasy.

Though, I get to see the Black Keys on Saturday night and I am so excited. If it wasn’t for that pesky Monday exam I would really rip it up since the arena is within walking distance.

I babysat my neighbor’s 8 month old all this morning while she met with her advisor. He’s freaking awesome. I took him for a walk in the woods in one of those baby backpacks and he fell asleep. And of course, sleeping baby is the best baby. Then when he woke up we ate Cheerios.

Weird personal thought/observation for the day: I really like comfortable-looking cotton florally dresses on other people, but I cannot for the life of me find one that I like when it is on me. I’ve been looking since this summer when I first become envious of a friend’s sundress. I try them on sometimes and there’s something just not right about it…

Let’s see…I’m dealing with a monstrous cold. I don’t have a sore throat anymore, but I definitely have head congestion. Woke up with a headache–now gone–and am very tired, which is probably a combination of being sick and having dreary weather.

In positive news, I got my first pair of glasses yesterday, and they are hella cute! Just in time for Nanowrimo which I won’t be able to work on today because I have stuff going on most of this evening. Ah well, I can play catch up tomorrow!

If you like the natural remedy route, I would highly suggest trying to find something called Fire Cider (or you can find recipes online to make it yourself!). It’s basically garlic, onion, tumeric, hot pepper, and horseradish steeped in apple cider vinegar. I also add lemon, orange, and honey to it to cut the bite. But man does it kill a cold and warm you up from the inside!

Also: woo cute new glasses! which reminds me I should really make an appointment for that myself… it’s been a few years…

News: Things are crazy. I miss everyone! And I am sorely behind on making some images/gifs of my awesome Doctor Who figures that I won (HUGE thanks again!!), but I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with a 17-year-old who is anti-establishment (the establishment = high school) who’s decided to drop out just a few months shy of graduating. Work is crazy. Home is crazy. Too busy to get a handle on getting a lawyer and getting wheels spinning on getting my inheritance stuff sorted. Health issues. And all of the news seems so depressing.

On the upside, my squirrels are doing well & starting to demonstrate the behavior of truly spoiled creatures…

Almost :) I just spoil ones in the back yard. I had a few regulars where I used to live, and now it seems like I have 2 that will be. One of them likes to sit on a branch in the back yard where she can see me when I’m home (‘Spy Squirrel’). Now that I work in an office more, she tends to wait in the front yard for my car then goes racing to the back yard when I get home. The other one isn’t around as much, but sometimes he gets a little over-eager and tries to jump through the window into the house… I’ll hear a thud on the deck and look out to see him studying the window as if he’s thinking ONE DAY IT WILL WORK… I will get to the magical food factory…

European Court of Human Rights has rightfully slammed Poland over the treatment of a 14-year-old rape victim trying to obtain a legal abortion. Unfortunately no word on whether anyone who was actually involved in being vicious and shitty to her will be held responsible in any way.

Also, a shocking case of exploitation and abuse of Lithuanian migrant workers in the UK, by a company that somewhat ironically specializes in producing “happy eggs” and ethically grown chickens.

Personal news? Most likely going to get a tattoo of an interrobang. Trying to determine font. Looking at Cambria, Showcard Gothic, arial, or times new roman.

Font nerds? I know you are here. Help. In terms of location, I am looking at getting this about 1″x1″ where it will be hidden by the front of a bikini bottom.

That does look cool. I will be getting the separated question mark and exclamation point, which I thought was also called an interrobang? But I guess not. Ultimately, after all the fretting, I think I am going to go with Times New Roman, because it’s just so classic.

I had to Google it too… Regarding location, I have a tattoo on my front pelvic region and one on the inner part of my upper arm. I’m liking the upper arm location better. No pelvic bones to tattoo over (that hurts like an SOB), you can either hide the tattoo or show it just by moving your arm and my pelvic tattoo faded where my waistband sits b/c I wore pants while it was healing. Unsolicited advice, yea! Anyway, congrats on the tattoo, it will be awesome!

Noooooooooooo! Not Arial!
I am not a type designer in any way, but I did get my undergrad degree in graphic design and Arial is the ugly bastardized version of Helvetica. Just look at the R in Arial, so gross. If you like how it looks in Arial, you’ll probably like Helvetica. That Palatino one @twiddle found is also very nice looking.

Hmmm let me see.

A Russian man refused to pay for his fine because the world will end anyway. He sent authorities a big file on why and how that would happen. But: if they could drop the fine this would mean the world was on its way to a friendlier and more honest place and it would maybe not end when planned. (translating this freely from a Belgian website). Nothing on what the police said, sadly enough.

The minister president of Hungary has plans to let foreigners pay €25.000 in state obligations for a Hungarian identity. Mihaly Babak thinks it is a perfect way to lower the state’s money problems, get more investors and open Europe up to not-Europeans.

The Dutch have a new government and it seems like most of the main stream media and talking heads are agreed on ‘Well, what else’ instead of verbally bashing each other’s head in. Except for Geert Wilders of course (populist), who thinks the Ordinary Dutch Person will suffer. No information on who this person is.

And these were the updates from Europe! *Badum tish*

I started NaNoWriMo and have the first deadline in the pocket, which is most important of all things mentioned, of course. I hope everybody’s safe.

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