Karma, Karl Rove, and Schadenfreude

The past several days have been really fun ones for women, Democrats, anyone moderately liberal, and fans of Nate Silver (see my gushing article earlier this week). Of course there was the election, and the oft-replayed footage of Karl Rove arguing with his Fox News colleagues about their decision to call Ohio for Obama. Rove was once the darling of conservative politics, raising more than $300 million this year, but of all the candidates he supported with that money, not a single one was elected. (So that sort of makes him the anti-Nate Silver.) Despite his sputtering complaints about Obama ads “suppressing” the vote (I think there’s a difference between negative advertising and cutting voting hours”¦), Rove is having a hard time proving that he’s still relevant, and as much as I’m enjoying the schadenfreude (which you may have to look up if you’ve never seen Avenue Q), I do feel sorry for anyone who gets both dissed by Donald Trump AND ends up as a joke on the Simpsons. So Rove deserves his own blues song”¦


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