Last Call For Opinionated Political Humor

With the election wrapping up (cue simultaneous sighs of relief!), I will need to channel my opinionated sense of humor into other areas. Current events are still likely to be inspiring. If the approaching holidays aren’t enough, I’m sure one of the Kardashians will do something lampoonable soon.

Here’s one last blast, from someone who is sick and tired of commentators, pundits, and people who post on-line, accusing women who are concerned about reproductive rights of ‘focusing on small issues instead of the important stuff.’ I could start to rant about how being in charge of our bodies IS an economic issue, not to mention the cost and difficulty of family planning if certain politicians have their way with health care and Planned Parenthood, but instead I’ll just launch into song. (Let me clarify one thing: many people associate Jewish mothers with overprotective, nagging shrews who guilt-trip their grown children and shove third helpings of brisket on every plate. I’m a modern Jewish mother. Yes, I nag my teenagers to eat properly, but that’s only because they think the four food groups are soda, pizza, microwaveable chicken and Oreos. As far as I’m concerned, modern Jewish mothers are simply concerned, opinionated women who have a little extra reason to be frightened by the religious right.)


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