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LTP: Too Much Free Time

So with Hurricane Sandy followed by a nor’easter, I haven’t had school or work for two weeks. This has led me to find creative ways to amuse myself, especially during the times that I had no Internet or transportation.

I’ve had NaNoWriMo to keep me pretty occupied, and my knitting for when I hit a writing wall. Between those, school work and Netflix, I guess I don’t have anything too out of the ordinary to stay busy.

What about you, Persephoneers? What are your favorite trapped-indoors activities?

By [E] Liza

PhD student. Knitter. Brooklynite. Long-distance dog mom. Reluctant cat lady. Majestic unicorn whose hair changes color with the wind.

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When the power went out in Africa, we would always do puzzles by kerosene lamp. I don’t know why, it doesn’t seem logical, but that was what we did. Sometimes we would read aloud to each other, sometimes we would play board games, but we did a lot of puzzles.

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