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LTP: What’s that Smell?

Wrinkle your noses.

OK, this one might be a little icky. But what is your least favorite food smell?

Mine is tuna fish. I know, not surprising the vegetarian doesn’t like a meat smell. But I can usually handle others. Some even smell good, despite having no desire to eat them.

But the smell of a tuna fish sandwich, especially somewhere contained like a train or classroom, makes my insides want to curl up and die.

By [E] Liza

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13 replies on “LTP: What’s that Smell?”

Weed…weed makes me want to vomit. We had a neighbor who smoked it constantly, and it always made it smell like there was a skunk nearby. I developed such a strong smell aversion to it that when I worked in a hotel, I could smell tiny “crumbs” of it left behind by previous tenants, which I would then report to the front desk so they would be charged with smoking in the room. If you smoke marijuana, I really don’t care, just please keep it to yourself! :(

The other smell I dislike is semen. Or super strong perfumes. Ack!

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