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Lunchtime Poll 11/20/12: Make Them Eat It

Kittens, do you get the cold weather blues?

I’m a bit of a melancholy madame myself, especially when the weather turns frigid, the dark ┬árolls in at 3:30 in the afternoon, and it seems like it takes all my energy to just get out of bed in the morn. Slumps are rough. They make the little normal setbacks magnified and everything a pitch darker.


Luckily, I know where to turn. I’m a sucker for some inspirational madness, and one of my favorite moments of wisdom and encouragement comes Miss Latrice (motherfucking) Royale. Drag Race fans, anybody?

We do fall down. We do get low. But goddamn, we got to get up and look sickening.

What are some of your favorite ways of coping with the internal darkness that always seems to be creeping around and whispering shitty thoughts?

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I definitely struggle with regulating my moods in winter. (Living in the Pacific Northwest after growing up close to the equator is tough.) Last night, I tried to mediate an internet kerfuffle, made it worse by stepping in, apologized with tears steaming down my face for hurting a stranger online, and then couldn’t let the sickened heart feeling go. I still felt like crap this morning and even now, in the afternoon, I feel ashamed of how everything went down last night. I’m not sure if my emotional reaction is normal though or if the low mood is hanging on longer than it ought. (Note: I’m not justifying my actions last night or trying to wriggle out of feeling guilty. I was in the wrong last night. Just not sure if my emotional response is “normal.”)

I found this yesterday! It makes me smile. I also don’t like the cold weather. When it comes, all I want is to bake and eat cookies while curled up reading a book. For months. I would like to hibernate. But I found this cute penguin gif and it made me smile. I hope it warms your day!

I seem to be moody no matter what the weather, but I do find the heat far more infuriating than the cold. I guess in part it’s because I can keep bundling up for warmth, but I can only strip down so far. same principle behind my setting the A/C to meat locker type temperatures.

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