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Lunchtime Poll: Coats

I’ll admit it, I hate wearing a coat. I get “yelled” at all the time by my motherly-type bosses that I’ll catch my death, but the four seconds that it takes to walk from my car into work doesn’t phase me too much. Until it gets into the 20s. Then all bets are off, and I bundle up like Randy from A Christmas Story.

So, my question for y’all today is, how cold does it have to get for you to put your coat on?

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I love coats and have a favourite green raincoat/long parka type thing that will get to come out with me as soon as the temperature drops below 15° C. I live quite far up in the North, like long walks and don’t own a car, so weather-appropriate clothing is a must.

I wear a lot of fleece jackets and hoodies over here in western Washington. I tend to bundle up with gloves and a scarf since I’m prone to having cold hands, but I don’t break out an actual coat unless the weather is around freezing and/or if there is snow on the ground because usually I’m not outside much this time of year. However, if I plan to be outside longer, I’ll put on a coat.

I will preface this by saying I live in the Great White North (Edmonton)…. And anything right around freezing is just sweatshirt weather, as long as the sun is out and the humidity is low. In the 20s F (down to about -10C), is a light coat.

This winter (I guess it’s still technically fall, sighs) is stupidly humid, though, so today I am completely bundled up, including tights under my jeans. Meh. It’s 5F (-15C) with 74% humidity and snow. My husky puppy is loving it though, so I guess someone is happy.

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