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Lunchtime Poll: Coping With the Shopping

Kittens, I am recovering from a serious Cyber Monday.

Yes, Cyber Monday. The Black Friday of the Internet and while I won’t go into too many details, I will say that these types of holidays seem to bring out the…well…special snowflakes en masse.

Which brings me to my next point. How do I cope? Oh, I cope like I do with most anything – a little song, a little dance. Here is one of my favorite diddies.

Nothing like a little merry fuck you to make the consumerism nightmare go down a little bit sweeter.

So what’s your favorite way to deal with the general shop-o-holic awfulness of the holidays, whether you are on the having-to-shop or having-to-help-those-shop side?

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I feel like a bad radical, but I love holiday shopping. Yes, it gets to me when I see a ton of people rushing a mall or something, but I really do enjoy the fast-paced vigor of the shopping season. Of course, my anxiety is getting to a point where I can’t do crowds as well as I once could, so this might be my last Black Friday hurrah. The thing is, I don’t buy a whole lot on BF or Cyber Monday. I got a few things for me (H&M! H&M!) and a few presents, but I certainly didn’t feel pulled in by the madness.

And despite refusing to shop on Thanksgiving and furthering my resolve never to step into a Walmart, I still feel guilty.

We used to put on our coats to take bathroom breaks at the bookstore. Taking off your nametag wasn’t enough; if you weren’t bundled up customers would spot you and next thing I knew my cashiers were disappearing for 20 minutes and that damn sure didn’t help the line move quickly. It was even more annoying if you wanted to browse on your lunch break, because people would refuse to believe you were off the clock and get pissy.

These days I try to avoid shopping on busy days because the crowds annoy me. Fortunately I can go out during the week. Last year I had to get some last minute gifts on Dec 23 and while the stores weren’t actually that bad, it took me like 45 minutes to get out of the mall parking lot. That fucking sucked. I could have walked home faster.

I like to window-shop on Amazon, but I’m usually amazed at how much shit goes on sale that I just don’t need. There are also a bazillion jewelry sales.

The ones that are harder for me to resist, I admit, are the sales on Steam. I can’t even look at Steam when it’s around this time, because I have games I’m still playing, a couple I haven’t touched, and a wallet that begs for mercy.

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