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Lunchtime Poll for Black Friday Homebodies

I'm spending this Friday in my jammies, contemplating an SVU marathon and a series of turkey sandwiches. You couldn't pay me to go out there with the Outside People; I'm at the apex of a Walmart, a Target and a Best Buy. 

How about you, dear Persephoneers? Did you get up before the chickens to go score a deal this morning? Or are you taking my approach? To our non-American readers who are probably reading this from work, or our American readers who work for places that don't give them today off, well, I'll think of you fondly while I watch Elliot and Olivia catch bad guys.

In honor of Pajama Pants Friday, we'll be running a handful of gift guides from me and Kym. We'll wrap up the day with an early open thread and spontaneous dance party.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I accompanied my mom last night at 9pm because there were 3 specific things she wanted at Target (and we got them all, miraculously, and we were out within an hour), and then around 3pm today I went to Old Navy, which was not bad at all. I think I caught it between clumps of customers because when we were leaving Petco next door (also not too bad), Old Navy looked much busier than it was just an hour before.

Most of the time, I don't bother, and I did the bulk of my shopping online, but there were a couple of things I wanted to get this year.

It's been a quiet Black Friday. We were planning on being home last night after the Thanksgiving deliciousness at my folks' but we had car problems, so we're still at their house, relaxing in PJs and eating leftovers. We also watched White Christmas last night and Home Alone 3 today. (Why oh why doesn't Netflix have the first two Home Alone movies on Instant?!) It's been a nice, chill time. :)

I went out to my parents’ local mall. Mom and Grandma are seeing Lincoln, and I had a few things on the present list that are better to buy on sale (jewelry. Although Zales had better sales last weekend than they do today! Those jerks.) Am now finished and sitting on a bench waiting for the movie to get out.

Unless I can snag some video games or DVDs of favorite TV shows, I don't really care about the sales. I don't usually have the money nor the predisposition to bother. Once the BF and I have more disposable cash, I'm sure we'll take one of these Black Fridays to get a new TV, since we've still got one of the non-flatscreen variety. Although at this point, they're starting to get so cheap that we might not need to.

I am all about the online sales (yesterday and this weekend), and movies. My son decided we'd watch The Candidate and now Forrest Gump and who knows what'll be next. I've gotten some good deals so far, and have my eye on one more thing, but I'm still looking out for stuff for one of my sons and my grandfather. At some point I'll have to be brave enough to go out for food, but I'm not there yet…

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