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Lunchtime Poll: Insert Foot in Mouth

Have you ever said anything that you really, really regret later?

Yeah, I did that this past weekend. I’m still too mortified to talk about it. What did you say, and how did you get over it?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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Oh yes, I do this shit all the time. If I tried to list them all I’d be here til the cows come home. I seem to have a faulty wire between the think and speak function of my brain – or type and post, in some cases. It also doesn’t help that I’m incredibly dense some times, and miss nuances that might tip me off on what is and isn’t appropriate to say.

All I ever know to do is apologize, then stfu and put a lot of salt on the crow. I’ll never get used to eating crow, but I have learned how to not choke on the feathers.

Nothing catastrophic so far, thankfully. That one time though, when I was talking to a friend about another friend’s horrible taste in men and willingness to put up with abusive tools, I did wonder out loud if her disastrous relationships could have something to do with her never having witnessed one that works when growing up… And then it occurred to me that the friend I was telling this to is also an only child of a single mother, and her father’s also always been absent from her life, and she’s been single after a string of shitty relationships. Oops.

I said something really terrible to an employee at a campus library when I was in college, out of exhaustion and just being a self-centered 18-year-old. It sat with me for several years before I sent a card apologizing to the same library. I didn’t know the dude’s name so I described him. I really hope it actually got to the dude.

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