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Lunchtime Poll: Thanksgiving Eve

It’s somehow Thanksgiving Eve already. 

I’m doing all the cooking, so I have to get my butt in the kitchen today. I’m making the stuffing and apple pie this afternoon, which will hopefully allow me to watch the parade tomorrow morning before starting on the turkey. What are your holiday plans? What’s on the menu?

By [E] Hillary

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My boyfriend and I are doing dinner one night at his family's celebration and another night with my family. My mom is taking this opportunity to skip turkey and stuff–she finds making the same meal boring–so we'll have steak at her house. I'd like to help with cooking and stuff, but his family isn't always organized enough to allocate well, and my mom/sister believe I'm not capable of cooking, so at both events I'll just eat appetizers and talk to the dudes instead.

The BFand I are going to have some together time, since we've had so little of it. He'll go over to his parents for a little bit in the morning, and then he's coming back and we will relax together.

I haven't asked him yet if we planned on cooking anything…at the very least, I love me a good green bean casserole, but cooking is work, so unless he wants to make it, we probably wont.

I feel like I've been cooking for days in preparation of this, doing everything I can possibly do in advance so I can maybe relax a little on Thanksgiving itself. Just peeled/cut potatoes and sweet potatoes, and prepped the dry ingredients for homemade stuffing. Brining the turkey while the cranberry relisih does its thing in the crock pot. 

If it sounds like I'm preparing to feed an army, it's only because I'm having a sad over how small this year's gathering will be and refuse to acknowledge that with a resonable reduction in quantity of food.

I was going to go to a meeting at church tonight and then make the two hour drive home, but my arthritis is acting up today, so I am thinking I want to hit the road as soon as possible. The good thing is that, as the only person who has to travel significant distance, I am not expected to bring anything. Just show up!

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