Mid-Week News: Jesus Is A Biscuit

Oh, poodles and kittens. Welcome back, you wacky kids, you. Here we are again as we reconvene for another roundabout recap of all the news that proves that recreational drinking has been created for a very specific reason. This week has been a doozy, so strap on your big girl panties and ready your side-eye, ’cause shit is that kind of way this week.

Dolly Parton with middle finger upraised and a huge smile on her face
Dolly is done with y’alls shit.

Everyone’s favorite not actual treatment is going to court! The NY Times states that “gay ‘conversion therapy,’ which claims to help men overcome unwanted same-sex attractions but has been widely attacked as unscientific and harmful, is facing its first tests in the courtroom. Four gay men who tried the therapy filed a civil suit against a prominent counseling group, charging it with deceptive practices under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act.” (NY Times)

The three ring circus that is the federal deficit negotiations is back. Now, we can all agree that social security does not contribute to the federal deficit and should not be a part of ongoing negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, as argued by Dick Durbin, but it is starting to look frightening. (Huffinton Post)

Naked folks in Boehner’s office. That is all. (Huffington Post)

Tax Break for Fetuses? Consider it in the works. Michigan lawmakers are considering legislation that would let parents claim a tax deduction for 12 week old fetuses, extending them the same benefits as children. What. (Mother Jones)

More than ten thousand Egyptians are protesting in Cairo against Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, who last week granted himself an official decree of new powers. (BBC)

Investigators have exhumed the body of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and are testing what is left of tissue, hair and possibly bone to look for signs of poisoning, potentially solving the continuing questions that surround his death. (MSNBC)

Florida’s white dudes need to chill the fuck out and stop killing young black teens. (Think Progress)

Oh poodles. These times are scary, these times are tough. They are sad and depressing. But even in the worst, know that there is potential light, my kittens. For all the ignorance and the hate, we can’t give up the good stuff, like love, hope, and care. So remember, when the going gets tough, the tough start lovin’.

Until next week my loves.

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How in God’s name could an adult man with a gun standing outside a car feel his life was being threatened by an unarmed boy sitting in the backseat of a car. How? How can this possibly be justifiable?? ARGH!!

And the tax break for fetuses?!? Are these the same fuck-wits who want to abolish Planned Parenthood?!?! Instead of personizing (I made it up) a fetus for tax breaks as an incentive to seek prenatal care, here’s an idea, allow Planned Parenthood to do its job unobstructed!

So angry right now.

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