Mid-Week News: Safety Belts, Everyone!

My kittens, my kittens! Greetings and salutations! Here we are again and here we are, with four more years and a whole lotta good stuff.

So let’s buckle up our safety belts, and strap on our tiny helmets, as we dive into the mess that is ‘Murica, the news, and much, much more.


Boy with a plate of chicken strips and french fries. Subtitles read "I really do like chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets is like my family."
Racists want to secede. And in other news, chicken McNuggets is my family.

Paul Ryan, in the ultimate form of grace and civility, thinks Obama won because of the “urban vote.” Hey! Get off his back! He had a black girlfriend! God, y’all are so reverse racist”¦ (Huffington Post)

Sooooo”¦ what’s up with this Petraeus thing? You can go to Afghanistan and have all sorts of chaos, but have an affair? Out. (CNN)

Oh shocker, people are calling for secessions post Obama’s reelection. And in other news, water is wet, day turns to night, and racists be racists. (Mother Jones)

A severe case of yellow fever has killed 107 in Sudan’s Darfur area. The World Health Organisation says more than 500 million people in Africa are at risk of infection. (Al Jazeera)

A massive blast from an unknown cause has killed at least two people and flattened homes in Indianapolis, as well as forcing 200 people from their neighbourhoods. (Al Jazeera)

France has become the first country to to recognize Syria’s opposition coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. (BBC)


That wraps us up for this mid-week-stravaganza’s worst and best news. Tune in next time for a delicious hapdashery of news that matters, news they want you to think matters, and matters that you think should be news.  But for now, it’s all over but the tears.

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