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Monday Flashback Open Thread: First Friends

A conversation with my daughter got me to thinking about my childhood friends this weekend. She was pining for a friend from preschool,  and asked me if I had friends that I missed.

Who doesn’t? Trying to explain to a tender-hearted seven-year-old that people come and go in life is not an easy thing. But I attempted it, and she sort of got it. But then she started getting sad about how her current friends would someday move on.

ANYWAY. Who were your earliest friends? What do you remember about them? Do you know where they are today?

As always, feel free to hijack this thread and tell us all about your day/weekend/life!

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I changed schools so much that I’ve never had that one friend you’ve known since elementary school. My best friend from middle school/first part of high school is maybe the closest thing I have to that, but we are just Facebook friends, nothing more. I’m like Trulybst, friends come and go for me.

As far as my week goes, I had one of my Korean co-teachers come up to me after class and tell me that some of her students said they saw me smoking on school grounds. This is ridiculous because

1) I don’t smoke; at least, not anymore.
2) Even if I did, I would never smoke on school grounds.

This same thing has happened to a few friends of mine and it seems like a common way for students to try and get us ESL teachers in trouble. It’s no biggie and since I’m not renewing for next year, I’m not too worried about my reputation, but still kind of pissed me off.

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