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Monday Night Flashback Open Thread: Tradition! Tradition!

You should have “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof running through your head now. You’re welcome.

This weekend my brother introduced his girlfriend to our family during one of our family traditions, Birthday Friday. Birthday Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and we traditionally celebrate my other brother’s birthday and my husband’s, since they are only two days apart. It’s evolved into a hilarious evening of cake, inside jokes and ridiculous gifts – this year, my brother gifted my hubby a copy of Magic Mike. And then we had to tell my grandmother why it was funny.

ANYWAY. ‘Tis the season for traditions- what are some of your favorites?

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This is weird. I have a very close family and tons of great memories from childhood, but I can’t think of any real “we always do this because this is our family tradition” traditions. Aw, we’re so boring.

So…I just joined tumblr and intended to just use my account to follow blogs that I like, not to actually blog. Any suggestions for people to follow?

My family is super chill about the holidays. One of my favorite traditions is that on Christmas, we have ham-and-egg strata for breakfast, and turkey divan for lunch. Why is this tradition?

1) They are super easy to make, and my mom can make everything 1-2 days ahead of time and just put the casserole dish in the oven when it’s time

2) My parents always got a free turkey from my dad’s job for Christmas, so she happened to have a bunch of extra turkey

We did also recently add in the “Breakfast Mimosas” tradition.

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