Much Drama About Obama: Far-Right Conservatives React to the Election

[TW for racism and hate speech.] I like to read the comments sections of conservative blogs to find out how people with very different viewpoints from my own are thinking and feeling. And after a day like last November 6, people are doing a lot of thinking and feeling.

Screencap from NBC as the election was called for Obama. Romney supporters look like they're gonna cry.

The reactions to Barack Obama’s re-election have been very similar to the feelings after his election in 2008. I’m going to go over some of the common themes I encountered, and as examples, I’m sharing actual responses here from Hot Air, The National Review, and Michelle Malkin’s blog.

I doubt that moderates spend much time on conservative political blogs, so I think these are far-right rather than mainstream reactions. Since these are from the comments sections, they may not represent the views of the bloggers and editors. Please note that all quotes are typed verbatim, so some include errors. Any emphasis is the poster’s, not mine.

First of all, the re-election shocked conservatives. Followers of Nate Silver’s predictions might find their surprise surprising, but the conservative pundits, the Rasmussen poll, and Fox News had convinced them that their guy was going to win.┬áReportedly, Romney himself was as shocked as anyone by the defeat.

So conservatives were really depressed, just as many Obama supporters would have been if the election had gone the other way.

So do I go to bed now and dread the loss in my sleep Or stay up to the end and then go to bed crying. ???”

WaterBoys, November 6, 9:35 pm, Michelle Malkin’s blog

Good night, all. I’d like to think I’ll feel better on Wednesday, but I don’t know. I agree with many of you: We’ve reached the tipping point and there’s no going back. We’re now a banana republic. This election just sealed it. Too many takers, too much entitlement mindset. I guess it was a good run.
Thunderbolt, November 7, 12:23 am, Michelle Malkin’s blog

Perhaps because of their shock, people suspected shenanigans. There was a lot of chatter about this on the Obama side on Election Day as well. Conservatives were particularly suspicious after hearing how the white voter turnout was lower than expected.

OK, I’m just going to say this, knowing that it’s going to unleash the conspiracies…

But does anyone besides me think it’s friggin’ odd that up to this election everyone believed R voter enthusiasm was at an all-time high, and then mysteriously 8 million expected votes don’t materialize?

I mean, if nothing else, it’s weird.

I’d love to see a survey of how many people think they voted, and then compare that to previous years.

All right, enough paranoia for the day.”

Chuckles3 on November 8 at 7:09 PM, Hot Air

There is no way you can tell me 8 million voters stayed home, not with the enthusiasm the crowds that Romney was getting and not with the very clear and well defined differences between Obama and Romney and sure not with Obama’s 4 year record of failures. Romney getting less than McCain–that is hogwash and smells of voter fraud to no end.

I honestly think something is fishy and I truly wish someone would do an investigation into massive voter fraud, I think our election has been rigged and stolen.”

bzip, November 8, at 7:26 pm, Hot Air

A few directed scorn at the women and nonwhites who helped Obama win.

Do women really base their votes on what is best for their vaginas?”

mattymatt10, November 6, 2012, 7:37 pm, Hot Air

That 29% plus margin for single woman can be summed up neatly.

Not 5% of them could tell you what GDP means? Not 5% of them could tell you what the national debt or deficit is? Not 1% have heard of Benghazi. ETC,ETC

We lost their vote because they are uniformed or misinformed (thanks to a corrupt press).”

Jim Shuler, National Review

The Hispanic problem gets worse with every generation born here. More of them quit school because they can’t do the work. More of them have children out of wedlock. More of them turn to gangs. They commit crimes at vastly greater rates than Whites even in the lying government crime numbers which define a lot of Hispanic criminals as “White.”

More of them become social parasites, and more of them vote for Leftist traitors. Karl Rove’s “socially-conservative, naturally Republican Hispanic” is just another symptom of White denial of reality. Karl Rove is either an idiot, a liar or mentally ill.

It appears, in fact, that Hispanics tend to assimilate downward to the Black culture, which by any definition is an extremely low common denominator.”

I’mTellingYa, National Review

Some people felt that Romney was a poor candidate and/or ran a bad campaign.

Hypothetical: “Hey Romney/Obama campaign, you’ve just been given $5 million dollars. What will you do with it?
Obama: “We’ll use it to put 100,000 people on the street knocking on doors to get out the vote.”
Romney: “We’ll use it to cut a TV ad that no one will watch because they’ll just fast forward on their DVRs.”
AngusMc on November 8, at 8:07 pm, Hot Air

Romney was a lousy candidate…We all knew for months and months that he had no ability to inspire, was robotic, and completely unable to relate to normal people. We knew this for a long time. ‘I like firing people’ quotes didn’t just come out 3 weeks ago, you know…this should teach us a lesson for the future. A bad candidate is a bad candidate.”

tkyang99, November 8, 12:25 pm, Hot Air

Others considered the possibility that the country was changing, and wasn’t going to change back.

I also can’t escape this nagging feeling that plagued me even before Obama won in 2008. I’m living in Bizarro World. I’m living in an alternate America (I’m hoping a wormhole will open up and send me back to the right America.) I don’t recognize it anymore…

It wasn’t that the mask of the Left fell away. It’s been gone for years. It was the scale from my eyes, the rose colored glasses. I thought that we still had the same America, and that voting for Obama was just a fluke because he was black and people wanted to feel historical. And also because, as usual, after 8 years of one party, the American people swing back to the other party.

But it wasn’t just that at all. America really has changed and I’ve been deluding myself. You know those numbers that tell us we are a center right nation? They are lies. We are not. America changed so irrevocably, and we didn’t see it. Or didn’t want to see it…”

ladykrystyna, National Review

Many felt the Obama victory was an emblem of moral corruption.

There are no lessons to learn here. There is nothing positive to take away and use going forward.

Sad fact is that the deviants have taken over America. Yup, you heard me right. The social issues and the fiscal issues are all tied up together. Deviants want to steal…so they take my money for food stamps they don’t need. Deviants want to destroy religion…so they force religious institutions to fund abortion.

Deviants want all the sex they can have, with anyone they want, with not only no consequences, but also the approbation of the state. Thus, they push for free birth control, abortion on demand and gay marriage.

Deviants want to get high and feel no pain, again with no consequences…So they push for not only marijuana, but hard drugs.

Deviants want to lay around and be entertained by the idiot box. They want to collect a check for existing, while spending my hard-earned tax dollars on Nikes and fake nails. All the while, demonizing small business owners like me for earning something that they don’t have.”

LesleyPezley, National Review

Because of this, some expressed a “God damn America” sentiment.

Oh the election results were frightful
But the fire will be delightful
And since we’ve no place else to turn
Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!

There’s no sign of destruction stopping
So I’ve brought some corn for popping
There’s just one way progressives learn
Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!

Now the country is slowly dying
Voters spoke, there’s no denying
Let the country get what it earned
Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!”

The Rogue Tomato, November 8, 4:54 pm, Hot Air

Some talked about guns, stockpiling non-perishable food and bottled water, and becoming self-sufficient. I am never clear on whether they want to get off the grid now, or are preparing for the breakdown of civilization.

Others discussed secession…

Texas and Oklahoma will be the first two states to bow out.
Texas was already a republic once, and it will be again.”

Hangfire, November 6, 10:22 pm, Michelle Malkin’s blog

The red states are the breadbasket of the country. I think we have been disrespected by regressives to the point where we need to start thinking about forming our own country and having our own, SMALL, UNCORRUPTED Government. It is not impossible. The hell with California…at least the blue part of it. If the North CA wants to join us, we can put the wall around the rest of it and let it turn to Mexico.

I am somewhat kidding and somewhat NOT!”

happyscrapper, November 6, 10:57 pm, Michelle Malkin’s blog

And/or the end of days

…Read Matthew 24. Jesus comes again AFTER the great tribulation, so all of the idiots like Tim Lahaye who think that Jesus will rescue us before anything bad happens will be SORELY disappointed (imagine all of the “Christians” who actually voted for Obama, AND who expect the rapture to occur before they have to suffer the effects that THEY THEMSELVES CAUSED).

We must ENDURE this time, suffer, and many of us will surely be killed, but that was foretold, and we must expect it to happen. We must also know that continue to be the light and salt of the Earth, and that our job isn’t done yet. But, as far as the United States of America is concerned, it is finished. All we can do from now on is be islands of sanity in a vast sea of criminal insanity.”

yohannbiimu, November 7, 12:47 pm, Michelle Malkin’s blog

While others just started making plans for 2016.

Hoping to see Bobby Jindal make a 2016 run. Forget any current Senators.

He is the most credible bona fide conservative out there, and I would just love, love to see the democrats try to marginalize him and still keep indian/asian americans on their side…”

can_con, November 8, 11:51 pm, Hot Air

Rubio is going to Iowa, we need to get started on 2016 immediately.”

Flapjackmaka, November 8, 7:08 pm, Hot Air

19 replies on “Much Drama About Obama: Far-Right Conservatives React to the Election”

On one hand, I would have been SERIOUSLY upset had Rmoney successfully stolen the election. He and Paul Ryan are both extreme and scary. And, well, I really like the Obamas — they’re genuine and warm and fun. Rmoney always seems to talk down to people. But, in the long run, I would have (grudgingly) accepted that the guy I voted for lost. And, well, maybe consider emigration (or at least working outside of the US for a few years).

On the other, well…All votes have been counted, including early/absentee. Rmoney and the rape candidates all lost. The men and women of various ethnicities and ages in America have spoken, and the majority chose Obama.

I have to agree with one point in the crap I’ve been hearing. I agree that the country is changing. But unlike them, I think its a good thing. I think its good that people got out and voted to roundly say “No” to the old priveledged-white-male-stuck-in-the-50’s establishment, and said “Yes” to integrity, character, and human decency. This kind of change is good.

I keep up with Christian evangelical media and blogs, so I’m getting that take on it. Pretty much fits into America is now morally corrupt paradigm Bryn mentioned. According to the stats, white evangelicals overwhelming voted for Romney and they were shocked that that wasn’t enough to elect him. So all the leaders are talking about how that bloc has lost it’s power and I keep thinking for people who claim to know the bible well, you are having great adventures in missing the goddamn point.

The “do women really base their votes on what’s best for their vaginas?” comment is just priceless in its oblivious male privilege. Because yes, I could totally just unscrew those bits of my anatomy and put them in storage if I felt like it, or if the circumstances ever seemed hostile for vagina-owning. It’s not like having this particular type of genitalia matters at all towards how my life will unfold or anything.

I used to hate-read Malkin’s blog. Say what you will about her, lady is very good at what she does. Sure, that’s stirring up a hornet’s nest of angry, uninformed, hateful people, but she’s masterful at it.

I have to remind myself that the people who are drawn to places like this, and leave such hyperbolic and disgusting comments, can’t be the norm. Malkin gets a lot of traffic, but if you look closely, the number of people who comment is relatively small. There are maybe two or three hundred different voices there, tops. That doesn’t make what they say any better or less frightening, but as a community they’re smaller than they look from the outside.

I disagree with Malkin on pretty much everything, but I do think she has some integrity. She has certainly dealt with her share of racist and sexist bullshit from the left. Keith Olbermann called her a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick,” which was absolutely horrifying in its implicit threat.

She very rarely allows new commenters to sign up on her blog, which keeps it to a fairly small community. I think the last day she let anyone sign up was like Flag Day 2011. I think she gets a lot of pageviews, though I could be wrong about that.

‘ho man- the person quoting Matthew 24… why will so many “surely be killed”?? Are the Democrats/liberals going to come after them? It just boggles my mind the extremes to which people jump. I know I was pretty pissed when Bush got elected, then elected again, but I didn’t think that it was going to be the end of America or liberal-leaning society as I knew it. I’ve read a bunch of other conservative blogs (not just the comments) by just people who are out there. The amount of anger and vitriol out there is phenomenal….

As an example- I give you this, which a friend of mine stumbled across and posted right after the election.

“And you know what? I do fucking vote for what’s best for my vagina. I consider my bodily autonomy to be a really important election issue.”

THANK YOU! I’ve had IRL contact with people who think like this. Like I’m stupid for voting Obama because he is the pro-choice option. You have to be the most sexist, privileged of men to tell a woman her body autonomy isn’t an important issue.

I…I’m not sure whether I should laugh or be disgusted. As in throw up. Well, the first few comments made me laugh, but by the end I was going, “Oh, good God…”

But seriously, we do not need another Civil War on our hands. I mean, look how the last one turned out!

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