NaNoWriMo 2012 — The Final Check In

By the time this post goes up, there will only be a handful of hours left to hit the NaNoWriMo goal. NaNo 2012 will be almost finished.

NaNoWriMo 2012 Venn diagram - 30 days, 50,000 words, 300,000 writersI’m writing this Thursday evening with only 2,000 words left to go in my count, which isn’t quite the same thing as being done with the novel. I figure I’ve got at least 20,000 words of total crud to throw out, the story isn’t finished, and I’m so annoyed with it at this point, my current daydreams involve setting in on fire. But I’ll be done with NaNo! In this tiny way, I’ll be a winner!


So, friends, how did the month treat you? Are you going to cross the finish line by the skin of your teeth or by sailing across with your head held high? Did you learn anything interesting by participating?  (I, for one, was shocked by how physically exhausting the month ended up being. I’m beat. Just plain beat.)

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My arms are killing me. I didn’t make it. I am so upset with myself. There were a couple of nights that I didn’t write and that got me in the end. I ended up being 1600 words short. So now what do I do with it? I mean I will tweak it, I love my story and know it could go another 2000 words easily. Is there ever a hope of seeing it in print?

Just finished (20 minutes to spare) and got my (not actually complete) novel validated. 50,100 words. There’s probably about 30k words left of plot, and who the hell knows when I’ll get them finished, but at least I got to 50k.

It’s a giant, steaming pile of crap, but I WROTE THAT SHIT. Time for a glass of wine to celebrate.

I got further this year than I ever have (35k words) but I just cannot write the remainder in … oh, less than three hours.

And I kinda agree with Brenda here: I learned that NaNo is just not my way. I’ve been trying for the past three years to actually get my shit together enough, but it just didn’t work out. I probably won’t do this again next year, but it’s nice to know that, even though I didn’t win again, I wasn’t crushed about it like I was in previous years.

But congrats to all of those who did win and who enjoy the process! :)

I did learn something – that this is a totally unworkable scenario for me. Once upon a time I probably could have pulled the rabbit from my ass, but that was before the boy (and the illnesses and the mom and the beagle, and and and), when I was trained to write for at least four hours a day. I had hoped this would lead me back to writing as a steady, workable discipline. It didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to type filler-crap just to get a word count.

I would say “oh well, there’s always next year,” but I think I’ve learned my lesson about NaNo. And at the end of the day, so long as I learned something, I’m ok with it.

I hit 50,000 last Wednesday. What I have is far from finished, but I don’t have 50,000 words of uneditable crap as in years prior when I’ve “won” NaNo.

I’m surprised how smoothly this month went for me. This is the first time I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo with something resembling an outline (not that I didn’t deviate greatly from it). I don’t totally hate what I’ve written — quite the contrary: I like a lot of it. I’m actually pretty excited to shape it into something readable, or at least something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring to a writing workshop.

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<-------------------- Of course between last year and this year I have 125k words and still haven't finished-finished the story, so I'll be editing before I decide exactly how I want the ending to go.

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