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New Show Recap: Bones, Episode 8.07, “The Bod in the Pod”

There’s so much B-Plot this episode that we skip the body discovery altogether. The FBI is already at the scene of a hurricane-capsized garbage barge that littered a beach with debris, including a strange plastic pod filled with jellied human remains. It reminds Hodgins of aliens. It reminds Brennan of a ship in a bottle. There doesn’t seem to be any seam or any way in. All Brennan can tell is that it’s a man. Off to the lab…

After using a laser to cut out a hole in the pod (and passing out from the fermented body fumes), Hodgins finds some wood scraps in the goop that lead the team to a lumber shop. Renee, an employee there, recognizes the facial reconstruction as Charles “Lucky” Milner, a crime scene clean-up specialist. Who she happened to be having an affair with. Booth and Brennan bring in Lucky’s wife Lisa, but she’s unfazed by news that Lucky was cheating on her: she was his fourth wife and they met while he was still dating his second. She knew what kind of man he was but he was great to her son, Davey, and that’s all that mattered. Lucky was getting Davey into his business, and she’s heartbroken that he’s lost another father.

The cause of death looks to be a claw hammer, which is one of the tools used in crime scene clean-up. They question Davey, who stood to inherit the business, but he points them toward Melvin Carville, who owned a competing business. Sweets likes Davey and Lisa for the murder, but after reading a couple of his psychology books, Brennan has a gut feeling that it’s Carville. Carville claims that he and Lucky realized that their out-bidding of each other kept driving prices down, so they had decided to go into business together. Plus, Lucky’s plastic sheeting was used to make the pod that he was trashed in, and Davey’s tools were wiped clean, making the step-son look super suspicious. When Carville practically dares Brennan to find any evidence, her gut feeling is kicked into overdrive. They find the last house that Lucky worked on and tear it apart, but to no avail; there is not a trace of blood anywhere.

In the middle of the night, Brennan has a hunch. She remembered a shaman who would have women dance around a fire in a purification ritual and blood would appear from the ground. It wasn’t magic but just the heat from the fire causing the blood to ooze back up. Brennan takes a hair dryer to the floor and lo and behold, blood appears. Some denser spots indicate where the killer knelt to clean it up, and one perfectly round spot says the killer had a prosthetic knee. Matching the side of the tibia to Carville and the fact that he had a knee reconstruction enables them to arrest him and for Brennan to say, “Gotcha” to his horrible face.

The B-Plot

A screencap from the TV show Bones. The characters Cam and Arastoo kiss by a pond.
Seriously, guys… as subtle as a brick wall. Screencap via

Cam has broken it off with the OB/GYN boyfriend and Squintern Arastoo Vaziri is writing love poems in Farsi. They’re obviously dating and hoping no one will notice. But since they’re being super-obvious about it all of a sudden, Hodgins walks in on them. Vaziri pleads with him not to say anything and he doesn’t, even to Angela. But Angela finds out as she and Hodgins are hanging out on the Jeffersonian roof and she looks down to see Cam and Vaziri making out by a pond. Real subtle, guys, real subtle. Cam wonders whether Angela will keep their secret from Brennan, but Vaziri thinks that at least it’ll stop with her. She won’t tell Booth unless he asks and why would he? Cam doesn’t really want to keep it a secret, except from the other interns and everyone who works with them. Vaziri offers to quit, but of course Cam declines. He sums up: “You want to tell everyone, but you don’t want anyone to know?” “Crazy, right?” Cam asks. He thinks its poetic.

The C-Plot

Sweets is still staying with B&B. And apparently doing the dishes and middle of the night sitting when Brennan thinks about murder theories at 3am. It’s pretty adorable.

This was an okay episode, I thought. The case felt a little rushed to me. And as much as I actually like Cam and Arastoo together (especially when he speaks sexy Farsi), I really wish they would stop pairing the spares (caution, link goes to TV Tropes). Plus, you know, it’s totally against Jeffersonian policy I’m sure and they’re not even being very surreptitious about it. What do you think?

A screencap from the TV show Bones. The character of Hodgins makes a surprised face.
This was the best thing in the episode. Hodgins’ reaction to sexy poetry reading. Screencap via

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