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New Show Recap: Parenthood, Season 4, Episode 7, “Together”

This week’s episode of Parenthood (finally! a new episode!), “Together,” features all kinds of Bravermans together in assorted ways. As a bonus, Hank is not together with anyone.

Kristina prepares for and receives her first round of chemo this week, which was central to nearly every other storyline. Adam is stressed, Crosby continues his evolution into a full-grown man by taking what Adam dishes out, and then taking him out for a drink. Kristina deals with being “the patient”, but still a caregiver herself, and rebels a little against her prescribed diet and restricted activity level with Max after school one day. She also deals with the disappointment that her own mother isn’t going to be coming to visit her ill daughter anytime soon. Camille is there, and reassures Kristina the best she can, and that seems to be what Kristina needs for the moment.

Ryan and Amber play mini-golf; he stands behind her with his arms around her to show her how to hold the putter.
Ryan and Amber, out on a date. From

We got lots of Amber and Ryan this episode, which was fun to watch. After a flirty round of miniature golf, Amber invites Ryan in, and he spends the night. They are clearly into each other, but throughout the episode there are references to his tours of duty in Afghanistan, and trauma he may have suffered. Zeek’s concerned that Amber’s getting involved with someone who’s so newly returned from deployment. It would be super if Amber could have some happiness, wouldn’t it?

We also see a reprise of Drew and Amy. After Drew has an awkward moment with Amy’s new boyfriend, Drew unloads on Amy all of the changes in his life. When she stops by to check on him, it appears that Drew perhaps plays the sympathy card a bit, and they start kissing. Huh.

Julia sits on the couch with her laptop and headphones while Victor looks over her shoulder
Victor watches intently as Julia completes a Spanish lesson. From

In Julia and Joel’s world (which is rather separate from the rest of the clan), they continue  to analyze Victor’s adjustment to the family. When Julia notices that he’s been excluded by his baseball team, she asks him if he’d like to have a friend over. Against the social worker’s advice, Julia and Joel host Victor’s friend, Miguel, from his old neighborhood. After seeing Victor so happy, speaking Spanish, smiling, and being playful, Julia takes matters into her own hands. Some time later, Victor walks in on Julia working on her Spanish with Rosetta Stone. She may win him over yet.

What did you think about Amber and Ryan hooking up? Is Drew playing the sympathy card with Amy?

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Yay for Amber! And I was very glad that Zeek’s hesitancy was due to worrying about Amber having to cope with Ryan’s PTSD and not simply freaking out that his granddaughter was dating, period. Poor Kristina. The scene with the crying friends made me cringe so hard on her behalf. And I’m very glad Julia let Victor play with his Miguel; I got really mad when the social worker wanted them to shield him from his old friends.

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