New Show Recap

New Show Recap: PR All Stars 2.04 “Audience Participation”

Welcome back, fashion and schadenfreude¬†lovers, it’s time for another breakdown of all the good stuff from last week’s Project Runway.

This week, the theme is brought to us by “America’s Favorite Newspaper” (for People Who Hate to Read), USA Today. Also, Not Heidi (ANH) is dressed in something Michael Kors would describe as “a little figure skater.” But Michael Kors is not here, so I had to step up.

Joanna, international treasure, introduces the designers to a rep from USA Today, who explains that this is a fan challenge. The “visual story-telling” daily challenged it’s readers to submit photos as inspiration for the All Star designers. The designers were sent into a special room with only two computers (where are the WonderTablets from HP?) in pairs to choose the photo they’d like to base a look on.

Laura Kathleen gets picked last, and she’s sad, because it’s unfair that other people are uncomfortable when she talks about how rich she is. Andrae is also picked last, because the other contestants think he’s a little weird. To be fair, Andrae is certainly grooving to his own theme song, but he’s so endearing. He just needs some direction and focus to streamline his creativity a bit, it still gets away from him. I respect anyone who gets giddy about what they love, and Andrae clearly loves sewing fabric together. The difference between the two is that Andrae barely notices other people because he’s keeping himself entertained, while it barely seems to register to Laura Kathleen that other people have feelings and independent thoughts about anything other than Laura Kathleen.

Laura Kathleen’s Meme Moment of the Week

Text on image quotes Project Runway All Stars designer Laura Kathleen, "I'm not trying to make clothes that are accessible to, like, the farmers of America."

All snark towards USA Today aside, the readers submitted some really interesting photos. Each designer picked a striking, visually intriguing inspiration piece. I was hoping to include the original images with this recap, but I can’t find them. I’m probably already pushing the boundaries with the images I “borrow,” anyway. If you missed the episode, tell your DVR to catch it or watch your local listings so you can see what each designer chose.

While I’m thankful that All Stars is sticking to a one hour format instead of Original Flavor PR‘s ninety minutes, I think some key details were edited out. Each designer was asked to think of a headline that captured the intent of the photo they chose as well as the fashion it inspired. Joanna and Guest Lady from USA Today asked a handful during their workroom visit, but I would have liked to hear everyone’s headlines. I spend a lot of time with headlines, I’m curious.

To the Runway!


Selena’s Headline: Otherwise Bland Trousers Spark Awkward Conversations

Althea was smart to try separates, we’ve seen dozens of dresses so far this season. While her intentions were great, they led her to this sad bit of something.

Project Runway All Stars designer Althea's model is wearing separates, including a draped blouse, a long, ill-fitting coat and drop-crotch pants.
Jade had a moment in the grungy-jewel-tone tinted early nineties. It should stay there.

When your trousers are trying to run away with your labia, you’ve got some things to sort out. Althea was in the bottom three, but ended up safe.


Selena’s Headline: Ladyblog Editor Hospitalized After Zipping Self into Dress Parts

Andrae, Andrae, Andrae. The foundations of this outfit, mix and match pieces of stretch fabric which can be zipped together to create different looks, are ambitious. The construction, however, does not live up. The fabric is puckered around the zippers, and the pieces don’t seem to fit together very well.

Project Runway All Stars designer Andrae's model is wearing a dress consisting of several interchangeable zippered components.

Anthony Ryan

Selena’s Headline: Peekaboo Bosoms Offer Window of Opportunity (for storing your change purse!)

I would never expect to like an outfit with a peekaboo bosoms window cut into it. I like this! I’d use the window to display favorite family photos, or to frame inspirational quotes (“Hang in there!” ~ Adorable Kitten Who Is Dead Now) written on my boobies, but I like how the moddle is rocking it, too. ¬†Anthony Ryan was the winner, and won an editorial all about him and his dress in USA Today.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Anthony Ryan's model is wearing a geometric sheath dress with a rectangular peek-a-boo window over her bosoms.


Selena’s Headline: This Cassanova is Winning Hearts, not Breaking Them

Look at this hot little number, ready for a night of disco dancing and sipping sophisticated cocktails. Cassanova was safe.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Cassanova's model is wearing a two-piece pantsuit in flowing white fabric.


Selena’s Headline: Unicorn Becomes Dress, Childhood Dreams Realized

I love the crap out of this. It’s like a ray of sunshine riding on a rain cloud. I want to slide down this dress. Plus, check out how badass this moddle looks. Emilio is the cat’s pajamas, clearly, but I think his moddle’s ability to sell the shit out of whatever she’s wearing works to his advantage as well. Emilio was in the top three.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Emilio's model is wearing a party dress with a dramatic dropped waist and ruffled bubble skirt.


Selena’s Headline: “zzzzzzzzz.”

I’ve considered Ivy to be a part of the A-Team designers, but her last two attempts have been disappointing. I like Ivy as a television character much, much more than I did in her season, but my early excitement for her work is waning quickly. I think this outfit is nice, it’s just not challenging or particularly fun to look at. Ivy was safe.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Ivy's model is wearing a cropped, loose fitting top over a long, flowing skirt made from a lightweight, gauzy fabric.


Selena’s Headline: “I Took the Brown Acid at Band Camp.” One Woman’s Harrowing True Story.

Joshua took a risk, since the judges haven’t noticed him much so far this season. It was not the risk to take. Joshua was in the bottom three, but was safe.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Joshua's model is wearing an asymmetrical, bright colored, shiny skirt with a bold, geometric jacket in contrasting colors.

I feel as though this is missing a squeeze box and a performing animal of some sort.


Selena’s Headline: Bird Wears Woman as Pants

Kayne reigned it in this week, and made a perfectly acceptable little red dress. It’s not the most interesting thing he’s ever made, but it’s cute. I’m not crazy about the styling, but I like the cut of the dress. Kayne was safe.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Kayne's model is wearing a knee-length, sleeveless shift dress with a feathered hat.

Laura Kathleen

Selena’s Headline: New PSA About the Dangers of White Privilege

Laura Kathleen ended up in the top three, and if she’d have won, I would have had a bad case of sad face. Her piece isn’t horrible, but it’s not really anything special, either, aside from the hand-painting.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Laura Kathleen's model is wearing a Grecian-inspired, ankle length, casual dress with an ombre pattern.


Selena’s Headline: Ladyblog Editor and All Star Uli Become BFFs, Have Adventures

Uli made a long, pretty dress with a little oomph in the slit and in the neckline. She was safe.

Project Runway All Stars 2x04 designer Uli's model is wearing a frothy, ankle length dress with a bold thigh slit and daring neckline.

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