News Appetizers Shop at Costco

Of all the news this week, I was most excited to learn that Joe Biden shops at Costco. Seriously, the man looks like he is just enjoying the hell out of life.

Image of Joe Biden Shopping at Costco, while laughing and talking on an employee's cell phone
Is this a meme yet?

British press says that more regulation is needed of those crazy kids. NYTimes

The economy is growing faster than anyone thought. NYTimes

Freedom of speech in India is just good on paper. NPR

The UN shifted the status of Palestine from “non-member observer entity” to a “non-member observer state.” This could potentially allow Palestine to take legal action in the International Criminal Court to, for example, challenge Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. NPR

Here’s a story about Joe Biden shopping at Costco. LATimes

Starbucks is going to sell coffee that costs $7. It still won’t be as good as the coffee I make at home in my French press. Washington Post

Internet has been cut off across Syria. That’s terrifying. BBC

Who won the lottery? Was it you? BBC

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