News in Africa 11/08/2012

I am still getting over a nasty cold, so these news appetizers will be more like amuse-bouches since I don’t have much in me to write longer summaries. Please bear with me, and I’ll have more for you next week.

Libya has finally elected a cabinet for governing the country that is still in turmoil following the Arab Spring. This article clarifies various troubles that this cabinet will face.

Well this is alarming“¦ a Salafi cleric called on Muslim youths to perform jihadist acts against the government on live TV.

Here are five things you should know about recent natural gas finds in Africa.

Africa welcomes President Obama’s reelection, but it hopes that Obama will be more involved in African affairs this second term than he has been.

Zimbabwe is currently a hub of human trafficking as they do not have stronger legislation in place to fight the practice and penalize perpetrators. Tapfumaneyi Kusemwa, the IOM Zimbabwe Counter Trafficking Officer, makes a good case for speeding up legislation to reduce/prevent trafficking.

Yellow Fever outbreak in Darfur has killed at least 67.

Somaia Ibrahim Ismail, a woman journalist and activist, escaped Sudan yesterday, having been kidnapped and tortured by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) last week.

West African army chiefs have adopted a plan to expel Islamic rebels from northern Mali, which will be presented to the UN Security Council towards the end of this month.

In non-news, you should all check out the fantastic tumblr Everyday Africa, which uses Instagram to make African life real to non-Africans. Too often, people outside of the continent only here about the war, the famine, the tragedies of Africa, instead of seeing Africans as people with regular lives.

African waiter resting during a wedding in Lagos.
A waiter rests during a wedding in Lagos on November 3. Photo by @glennagordon. Image taken from Everyday Africa on tumblr.

Any other news that I missed that you want to mention? Please share in the comments!

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I hope Somaia gets/is well. And I will never be able to be at peace with all the potential lost in Zimbabwe. Of the personal experiences I heard from thirty years ago to Zimbabweans being hunted down by frustrated South Africans when they cross the borders and now this. Aaargh.

Somalia still had a long way to go, although I haven’t seen anything big about the country lately, but I could have missed it in the news cycles. There is a lot of African news to try to keep track of, so I know I don’t get everything. :S

I couldn’t agree more about Zimbabwe. There is a lot of tragedy there.

I really do appreciate that you bring us the news from Africa, and thanks for sharing that tumblr. It gets easy to let it slip mentally into just being “that place with problems” and these news bits let me be a bit more informed and intelligent and things.

And I hope your cold makes a hasty retreat.

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