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Open Thread (Insert Something Pithy Here)

I’m writing this during election day. My FB feed is flooded with people proudly declaring they voted. Nate Silver gets name dropped every other second. For the first time in weeks, there seem to be a lot of sentiment declaring that Obama is going to get voted into a second term and yet my stomach is knotted up, I feel vaguely anxious, and I kinda wish I had something fattening on hand to stress eat.

In the future when this post goes up, all of this will be over. I might be angry – I am hoping, of course, that I’m exhilarated. But baring some election fuckery, this never-ending campaign season will have come to its screeching conclusion. If you’re in the U.S., like me, you probably need a breather. A bit of relaxation. Some mindless distraction.  What are you planning on doing tonight, this first post-election evening?

Spa tub with bubbles and surrounded by lit candles and fluffy white towels
We all deserve this.

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My boyfriend has been working on a campaign, so I was doubly happy for campaign season to be over. We relaxed by ordering in dinner, watching Black Sheep for a stupid, funny, Chris Farley look at campaigning, and snuggled a lot. It was LOVELY, and it was the longest period of time we’ve had to spend together in a couple weeks, since he’s been so busy. It was a great way to celebrate.

I tried posting this morning and it was detailed and apparently didn’t go through. So. Good things.

1) iPad arrived earlier than expected. Is awesome. Free college stuff on iTunes U? Started Chem 101 last night.

2) Tattoo success! Didn’t even have a panic attack!

3) Visiting the ladyfriend this weekend!

I am not super experienced as I just have the two (and got them on the same day) (and one of them took all of five minutes), but I think this weekend on the bus into the city I will type a little something up.

Now to figure out how to do word processing on the iPad….

A bit of Nate Silver humor from my facebook feed:

— “Results ask Nate Silver if they’re significant.”
— “Nate Silver’s samples have only a median and a mode. Because no number would be mean to Nate Silver.”
— “Nate Silver can recite pi. Backwards.”
— “When Nate Silver asks you, ‘Wanna make a bet?’ the correct answer is no.”
— “There are no imaginary numbers, only ones Nate Silver hasn’t acknowledged yet.”
— “Nate Silver can divide by zero.”

In other news things are not going very well for me at work. My boss has made something he screwed up my problem to clean up, and is in general trying to make me look bad. However I sen’t a resume into a company a friend works for who’s hiring and they’ve let me know they would like a phone interview, so please if you have any good vibes/prayers/whatever feels spiritually appropriate to share I would appreciate them.

I spent all day Wednesday, switching between CNN and NBC live streams, trying to educate the Brits and the Irish and a couple of Saffas on the electoral college, being amazed that they were more into it than most of my American friends and then screaming my head off when Obama won.

I went out for some celebratory drinks last night, but I was so exhausted by all the stress I didn’t stay out late (I have no school today). Now I’m just hiding or deleting people from my FB who are lamenting that this is the end of America. Mostly I just stay on Tumblr.

I’m way behind on NaNoWriMo thanks to being really sick and busy, so I’ve been trying to do some catch up–not possible in a day–and trying not to despair in the meantime. UGH. I’ve never started off this far behind before, like I still have less than 5k written. :( I think I need to find some hot chocolate.

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