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Persephone Gift Guides 2012: Gifts for Arty Geeks

Do you have a stylish technophile on your "to buy for" list this year? Click on through for the most bookish and clever ear buds, device cases, device accessories, USB tools and other geeky miscellany after the cut. 

TARDIS iPhone SafeDoctor Who iPhone safe: $49.99, from Think Geek

This works with an app you download to your iPhone. You program the app with a special code, then to open the safe you plug your phone into the top of the TARDIS and enter your code to open. It is likely not bigger on the inside, but it would be a handy place to keep your flash drive of "personal" photos and your stash.


Retro Bluetooth HandsetRetro Bluetooth handset: $14.99, from Think Geek

Raise your hand if you remember talking on a home phone with this kind of handset. On second thought, don't, I'll just feel old. If you have someone on your list who likes playing ironic luddite, this could be the gift you're looking for. For me, it's not the same without the corkscrew cord I used to twist my finger in when I was talking to cute boys on the stairs at my parents' house.


Star Trek iPhone CaseStar Trek iPhone case: $7.49, from Think Geek

Why just go when you can boldly go? Appease your inner Jean-Luc Picard (I don't mind if you interpret that as an euphemism.) and make sure your phone is ready to beam you up. Remember, red shirts mean expendable. If you're crafty, you could probably make an even more authentic looking cover with cling vinyl and a decent printer.


Giant Pencil Tablet StylusGiant pencil stylus: $7.99, from Think Geek

Honestly, this would probably stop being funny after the first time your recipient uses it, so plan accordingly. I'm a sucker for a functional novelty, personally, and would store this in a giant pencil cup on my desk. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer, or a great Secret Santa gift.


Holga Lens Filter for iPhoneiPhone lens filter kit: $19.99 from Think Geek

Instagram is so 2012. Now you can make your pictures look like you took them before you were born with the aid of this handy lens and filter wheel. These lenses and filters are above my pay grade as a photographer, but my shallow side is tickled by how cool it looks.


iPhone Hard Drive CaseiPhone hard drive case: $9.99, from Think Geek

Hahahah, I wonder if I could make a phone case out of my actual, old, busted hard drives? Eh, I'll stick to making them into book ends like I planned.

As far as iPhone cases go, this one is pretty neat. Especially if that's a Windows drive.


Pi iPhone StandPi iPhone stand: $49.99, from iRetrofone on Etsy

Math and gadgets go together like cookies and milk, and this beauty seems like a fine place to stash a phone. It's an Etsy piece, and at the time I wrote this there were only two more available. If you miss it, check out some of the other phone and gadget stands available, there are some really creative Etsy sellers.


Wood And Mint iPhone CaseWood and mint iPhone case, $24.99 from casesbycsera on Etsy

This is another Etsy piece, so supplies are limited. I LOVE THIS. It's like my grandparents' mid-century rec room, but in a phone case. This seller has a lot of neat cases, and they're all handmade.


Portable iPhone ChargerPortable iPhone charger (not yet available for iPhone 5): $35, from Uncommon Goods

Charge one of these up and stick it in  your bag or pocket, give your previous generations of iDevices a quick burst of go-juice. Plus, they're really, really cute.



Cute As A Button EarbudsCute As A Button earbuds: $2.99, from miniinthebox

Miniinthebox is a great resource for adorable gadget accessories. I was particularly taken by these, both for the in-the-moment color and quirk factor. They also sell them in red, black and gray.


Life Geekery's felt, geeky, tablet coozies: $20-$25, from lifegeekery on Etsy


LOOK. LOOK AT THESE. So simple, but so adorable. Any day with a felt wookie in it is a good day, I say.

Felt Tablet Device Coozies


Lunch Tray Laptop SleeveLunchroom laptop sleeve, $41.99, from modcloth

Unlike the TV dinners I ate in the 70s, this laptop case has very low sodium, and it won't make your brownie taste like tin foil. Modcloth sells a variety of really cute, fairly inexpensive laptop and device cases, including a ouija board and a lumberjack shirt.


Darth Vader Behind The Mask USB DriveDarth Vader USB storage drive: $24.99, from modcloth

"Luke, I have your data."

There are a million Star Wars USB storage drives for sale on the internet, but only one has hidden VaderFace.


Candy EarbudsCandy earbuds: $19.90, from CandyWarehouse

I love that you can get just about anything in the shape of just about anything else. Cute, cheap, candy-inspired earbuds are a great stocking stuffer.



By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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