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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business

Happy November, everyone!

Come on in, sit by the fire, have something delicious to drink (for me, it’s Godiva hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream), and tell us about your week.

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Let’s see. This week, I made a t-shirt for my son, a frock coat and cravat for my daughter, cleaned my room, went and played BINGO with my moms, and wrote and published my first ever tutorial blog post.
Also, I finally quit lurking and created a profile so I can comment here. Yays!

Seriously, y’all, this weekend has restored my faith in people.

Fella is loaning me the cost of rent, one friend brought over the results of a pantry cleanout (plus essentials like milk and eggies), another friend is mailing me a box of the spares from several months of BOGO coupons (food and HBA stuff), and yet another mentioned the possibility of picking up a spare prepaid cell phone refill card when she gets hers. I’m within $50 of making November a decent, well-fed, less-scary-than-October month.

Also, because I won’t be able to be on here tomorrow or Tuesday: any USians who are eligible to vote and haven’t yet, please do!

My personal preference as a filthy liberal and global citizen would be that you vote for Obama, but mainly voting would be good.

Went out last night.

SO much drama happened.

And I was getting a piggy-back ride and then we both fell and I slammed my solar plexus on the person’s shoulder.

And then more drama happened.

And a lot of dancing.

And everything hurts today.


(I still had fun, though? So I am counting that a win.)

Thank you, Persephone. Without you, I would not have known that Daylight Savings Time was happening tonight and probably would have been late to work tomorrow. I’m in week 3 of subbing for a third grade class, and who did I see in the supermarket yesterday but the girl who is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I couldn’t not summon up any happiness to see her in front of her parents. Oh well.

AAHHH!!! GUISE! I woke up this morning with my period and I CANNOT find my DivaCup! ANYwhere! How did this happen! Where could it be?! I have checked all the pockets in all the bags! I think my fury and tearing-shit-apart phase of the morning is kind of scaring SO…

My partner has been away for a week spearfishing off the coast of Queensland and had no cell reception or internet access. I’m quite excited to have him back! It was interesting though having no safety net for a week in terms of just having to deal with whatever came up on my own.
I reckon I did pretty well and I’m proud that I can navigate car breakdowns, repairs, and (sadly) more breakdowns on my own without losing too much cool. I also didn’t do any marking this weekend and organised the hell out of my den/backroom. I’m feeling pretty good about that too.
Also, this Tuesday is Cup Day (Melbourne Cup horse race= public holiday) meaning that only about 30 kids will show up for school tomorrow. Day to get shit done!

Javier Bardem was clearly having, it was great to watch. I liked the way they added in those little blue shorts in this film as well, just for funsies.

There were the usual ‘Bond girl’ issues, but I loved that M had more to do. And it was visually stunning. Good work Sam Mendes.

I liked the added focus on M too and Judi Dench is my forever favorite next to Maggie Smith as British Dames I love.

And is it really bad that I’m so expecting the ‘Bond Girl’ issues that it almost doesn’t register anymore? Yeah, that’s really bad, but I just blank during the scenes with Bond girls until we get to the fight scenes.

Oh God, the cinematography and set ups were amazing. Especially, the casino sequence. The lighting, the blocking everything. Also, I’m a nerd when it comes to fight choreography, which was excellent.

Also Q! So adorable.

[spoiler] Random Woman in Turkey *really* pissed me off. Total window-dressing. And I was sad that the girl in Macau (did she get a name?) died, too, but I see plot-wise why.
My favourite bits were (a) killing Patrice in Shanghai – the neon! the mirrors! and (b) the home-alone-ness of Skyfall. Though, pet peeve: surely M would’ve been savvy enough *not* to use a torch on the way to the chapel? [/spoiler]

Definitely Q is super-cute:)

We had trick or treat tonight. we only got my niece the last half hour, because she was at her dad’s before that, but we went to a friend of my sister’s at the end and were able to fill our bucket there. My sister was red riding hood, and Ambelina was a bumblebee. (I put in skull face makeup but had no other costume.) now on to a movie. . . hm. . .

If you can swing it and it will be fulfilling…do it. But if you can’t, you can try to work something out. Maybe you can make a case to your employer so that they might cover it anyway? Or, you can try to get funding through the grad school. Most places have applications for that, I believe.

So I scheduled myself to work tonight…like I do every year, because I always forget to check when day light savings time is happening. Ugh. You think I would have learned by now. You would think one hour wouldn’t make a difference, but it does. Watching the clocks go back at 2am is brutal. Hearing day people talk about their extra hour of sleep is even worse.

I’ll just go over here and drink my coffee now.

So apparently there is an increasingly good chance of a Nor-Easter in these parts Wed/Thurs next week. Even if it’s not an actual, bad Nor’easter, there will still be snow. Generally, I love snow and am super excited for the first snow. But right now, it’s just some really poor timing. Thanks, Nature…


Ever have a potentially serious medical thingy going on and you just can’t bring yourself to get it checked out because you’re freaked? I’ve been putting off getting a boob related issue checked out for a few months now and I’ve properly worked myself up to believe that I have cancer and am going to die. *sigh* I’m going to make all the necessary appointments this week and get it checked out finally. It’s probably nothing and it’s almost 0% life threatening even if it is Something but my anxiety is being stupid and going off the charts.

In better news, fresh mozzarella was on sale at the super market and I got a giant block of it for $2!

Not at all on the same level as boob-related issues, but I have a weird discoloration on one of my back molars that I’m pretty sure is a cavity that is (if actually a cavity) probably eating away at everything inside my mouth. I finally just got some health insurance that includes dental, but I really really hate dentists, so I’ve been putting off getting my tooth checked out. For some reason my brain immediately jumps from “bad cavity” to “root canal”, even though I have no idea if that’s even a logical jump…

Yep. Totally need to get all my weird stomach problems checked out, but don’t want to find out that I’m going to die. (Which I have convinced myself I am going to do.) No, it’s fine. I’ll just have stomach pains and sudden bathroom issues in the middle of the supermarket. No need to see a doctor. Especially considering the fact that I am broke with terrible insurance.

But you should see someone about that boob thing. Fer Sure. MAKE THOSE APPOINTMENTS!!

Eeeeee I made the appointment to go get my tattoo! And paid the full thing up front, so I can’t chicken out!

I also just ordered MCAT books! I know I mentioned moooonths ago that I was going to pick some up and study and if on the very very very small chance I do well and get into med school, then clearly it’s meant to be. So I am excited for that.

I feel like it has been a super productive weekend.

I’m not sure if I have anything to say except that my cold is running its course and moving from my head down to my chest. Phooey. :P However, I feel pretty great right now compared to how I felt last night, so yay!

Right now, I’m at my folks’ house doing laundry while Mr. Dormouse is off at his cousin’s overnight bachelor party. That makes Mr. Dormouse sound kinda douchey, but the laundry REALLY needed to be done, and I saw the opportunity. Tomorrow, I go see a movie with a friend I haven’t seen in ages, and yeah, I’m really digging the fact that it’s the weekend. :)

Oh gods, me too.

Fella’s boss and his wife* mentioned (like, a month ago) the possibility of a dinner-and-boozing election-watching night at their house. That is greatly preferable to me sitting at home pretending I’m not gonna refresh the results every twenty seconds. That way, regardless of the outcome, I’ll have beer.

*His workplace is really, truly like a family. They’re the best.

Well it just so happens that given the time difference, it’ll be late morning on Wednesday when I hear the results and it just so happens I don’t have to work Thursday since it’s the day of the big national exam that all South Korean high school seniors take. So Wednesday night I will be at a bar either celebrating or drowning my sorrows.

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