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This Open Thread Is In It For The Long Haul

I won’t point out the obvious, friends. It’s a holiday week here in the States and we’ve all mentioned it a number of times. As a group, I think we get a little excited about a day off that revolves around eating all the things.

The P-Mag staff is taking some well-deserved time off this week. We’ll be out of here Thursday and running a short schedule on Friday, but this open thread will be here to listen to you.

If you need a little conversational starter, I’d love to hear some of your favorite recipes, Thanksgiving-related or not. As usual, I’m on Team Dessert this year, so I’m trying to wow the crowd with something I haven’t made before.

While you’re thinking about this, please enjoy this masterful reenactment of the First Thanksgiving.

By [E] Slay Belle

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Guys. I have a confession. I've never participated in Black Friday before in any way shape or form. But I saw earlier tonight that QMX is having an online sale that starts at midnight. And I have been lusting after the $100 Serenity maquette for ages – apparently it's going to be $70. So I'm trying to stay up for another 20 minutes. I can do this. So tired and full of turkey though…

Hmm can't edit to add but gotta say – I got it! Is it weird that I used black friday as an excuse to buy something for myself instead of others? I did promise myself I'd buy this with my first paycheck at my new job a few months ago… so in a way I'm just honoring a promise to myself. Why am I arguing this with myself? Okay I'm tired. G'nite!

I made a butternut squash bake with panko, bleu cheese and thyme to take over to my parents. Might be a little much for my parents but they'll survive. I also get to carve the turkey for the first time since my dad had wrist surgery a few weeks ago and is in a cast. I have zero doubts that my mother will do nothing but complaina bout however I carve it, but that's pretty much par for the course with mom. I do wonder if she'd complain were my brother here to do it. She does sometimes get stuck on those 'traditional' gender roles. I love how it never even occurred to her to try and carve it herself. 

I made pumpkin custards for dessert last night and we bought pies from the Amish bakery, so dessert is done.  Food won't take very long this year because we opted to have Thanksgiving as just the immediate family, rather than travel to my grandmother's.  It's somewhat in protest, since every time she hosts a major holiday she has a heart attack from the stress and yet none of the other family members will host.  We're doing Christmas, but only a couple people will come because it's "too far to travel."  

I'm also trying to find things I'm thankful for, but I'm coming up mighty short this year.  I guess I'm thankful that my parents are nice enough to support me while I look for a job, but since I resent their "help" (find a job every day!/What's your next step?/You can't just be lazy and wait!) I'm really less thankful and more "How the hell can I escape from this place?"  But we're going to have to do that stupid go-around-the-table-and-be-grateful thing, so I need to have something six hours from now.

I'm making a cookie bar I've never made for this group before – it is an oatmeal base with melted chocolate and peanut butter spread over top. It is super yummy. I'm also making stuffed pumpkins, something I've only had once and have never made. It was fabulous, but I'm nervous as to whether it will turn out. I'm one of those people who puts my self-esteem into my cooking and baking – if people don't like it, or it doesn't turn out, I'm pretty down.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. The BF is coming over in the morning to bake his contribution and help me with mine. Early afternoon we head down to our friends who are hosting Friendsgiving. But now I'm tired and will probably go to bed early.

As a fairly new Persephone contributor, I'd just like to add that I'm very thankful for this community.  I love writing for, and hearing from, smart, interesting women, and I'm delighted to have found a new, receptive audience for my slightly warped sense of humor.  Thank you to all of you, especially the editors!

Sincerely, Lauren Mayer

Well, I hate to kick of the festivities with a downer, but there's a lot going on so, well, here it is. 

I've been a bit out of pocket lately due to things with my husband; we haven't spoken in a few weeks at this point, because, in a nutshell, whenever I expect him to be there for me, or for there to be some sort of support/reassurance/actual partnership, he'd balk. No communication, no compromise, just negativity and avoidance. Things revolved around him, his convenience, and I thought that being a good friend and partner was in working together and compromising on those things, so that everyone has a turn, and that everyone had good and bad times that the other would help through. Well, that proved too inconvenient for him, so he left today. I guess he was planning on sneaking out, but since I came home early I caught him moving out. Thanksgiving is always a hard time for me for many reasons, like how my ex took off on Thanksgiving years ago taking my children, so it stirred up all of those feelings again.

But. I was expecting a call a half an hour later, and – I was offered my dream job. So hooray dream job! I guess the 'funny' thing is, if he'd bothered to communicate with me, he could have avoided moving out (I'll telework and travel, but it'd be easier for me to move, to be closer to my core customers). Now, he's the one who left, so he's going to have to pay for the rent as well as my moving and other expenses (I own a place but it's rented out til the summer). But this is typical him; do the stupidest thing possible because he had some melodramatic thing in his head and didn't bother sharing it or looking at any perspective other than doom/gloom and selfishness.

So, kind of a crazy start to the holiday. I have to wait until I get the formal offer letter next Monday before I can start blaring the trumpets about the job, but it's very exciting. Hope everyone is having a great holiday though, and onwards & upwards to new and better things!

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