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This Open Thread is Your Chance to Do the Hump

Happy hump day, y’all. Let us know how your week’s been going in tonight’s open thread.

And enjoy this little ditty from The Digital Underground.

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I’ve always had time to read in my life. Hours when I crawled into bed, stolen bits here and there throughout the day. So it’s making me mental that I can’t get any reading time in. I fall asleep within minutes of hitting the bed and hours are spent doing life THINGS. I miss my down time. Also I have so many library ebooks that are expiring soon and I want to read them ALL. My life is woe, as you can see.

How you you guys fit reading into busy life schedules?

Basically all the problems this week can be filed under “Not that big of a deal.” I am however stressed about what I’m doing after my contract ends in Feb. I should be plugging away with applying to graduate school, but I’ve done nada. I have time, but the earlier I get everything in the better and I’m just wasting time.

Does anyone know a school that offers a PhD in Procrastination?

It has been such a mixed week, and how is it only Wednesday? On a trip to Pittsburgh for work. Yesterday I dropped my phone and broke it. Today I vomited up my lunch. Tonight however I am hanging with one of my best friends and I just got back from a lecture given by Neil Gaiman where he read us stuff from his book that is coming out next year. And aside from vomit lunch, most of the food has been super nommy on this trip. Tomorrow I drive back and my boss is convinced that it will only take me four hours to make the trip and that I should come into the office. It took me five hours to make the trip out here and that was with no meal stops. My boss is an ass.

Tomorrow I have a Very Big, Very Important essay due as part of my PhD work. I’m not allowed to get outside commentary/content edits on it from anyone, but grammar/line edits are okay. I asked my SO to do it yesterday. After asking him several more times today (cause, you know, it’s a Very Big, Very Important paper. I’m being *really* good about not losing my shit in general), he says “yes, I will do it now”, takes his computer into the back room/office, and promptly falls asleep.

*unimpressed face*

I text my mom (former editor of academic things that she is). She had just gotten home from a board meeting, but her response is “sure. want me to do just change it in text or do track changes?” This is why my momma is the greatest lady in the world. Handsdown. And why sometimes partners who cannot seem to understand how Big and Important this thing is to me are just douches.

I don’t know if this helps?! But I am currently studying for my defense of the two big papers I submitted for my candidacy exam. The smaller one was already passed by the department and in re-reading it tonight found an error involving bolded text and a sentence fragment. I am sort of losing my shit over this but am hoping that if the dept. passed it (which is much much harder since I work on sort of edgy stuff and music research is notoriously conservative) then it will be fine… but I can’t help but worry that the prof on my committee who’s a tad unpredictable is gonna be all like “yo, what’s up with the weird bolded text and sentence fragment?!”. Also- I don’t know why I am sharing all of this… sorry for being super random. Basically, I am just writing to say, I can really relate to the stress of this experience and I hope things go well for both of us, and that we both can finish our exams and resume having normal lives (as PhD candidates/people with ABD status).

Thanks- that does help. I’m getting hung up on the little details since it’s all I can really change in the time I have left until deadline submission (TODAAAAY!!!). I did my freak out about the content side of things when I decided to REARRANGE two thirds of the paper only two weeks ago…. heh. And THAT’s the stuff I’m worried I’m going to get called out, that somehow I’m not being critical enough. Isn’t it weird what your mind chooses to worry about with all this stuff?

And ramble away! It helps (probably both of us). Here’s hoping everything goes off well with your paper defense! Soon, SOON we will get this done. Oh man, I don’t even know if I can remember what having a normal life is anymore… But even just the thought of ABD makes me so excited!

I managed to survive having one day off out of the last fourteen. Tomorrow and Friday I am off, with Friday night festivities being planned for an awesome little speakeasy. It was one of those days that was wrong from start to finish, but the addition of nachos, red velvet ice cream, some hugs, and bitching on fb with my favorites definitely helped improve things.

So far, it has been a shitty week. Ugh.

Missed out on the opportunity at work and got zero support from Big Boss. Despite having 2/3 of the direct sales on my team of three people.

Aaaaand today I found out I probably have a tumor on my jaw. The doctor said it is probably a cyst, but I could not find one example of a bone cyst on X-ray that looks like that. Only bone spurs or tumors. So I am slightly terrified. Getting my previous panoramic x-rays sent over to my dentist, who happens to specialize in dental oncology (lucky coincidence). Right now, plan is going to take another X-ray in 6 months to see if anything has grown.

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