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Top Five Tuesday: Five Things I’m Going to Eat This Week…

…and what I think about them. 

  1. Dove Dark Chocolate with Raspberry: “More please”
  2. Trader Joe’s Crescent Rolls: “OMG, these are so much better than the other ones.”
  3. Cranberry sauce: “I don’t care if it retains the shape of the can, I like it and we’re going to have some with dinner.”
  4. Rice Krispy Treats: “These make a suitable breakfast, right? It’s like a bowl of cereal without the milk.”
  5. A leftover sandwich made with turkey, stuffing and lingonberry preserves on a TJ’s crescent roll:

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Oh yummo….I had some jellied cranberry on a turkey sandwhich this weekend and it was soooo good.

1. bacon “Breakfast! It’s what for dinner!”
2. Pie and cake “They were sent home with me as leftovers, it’d be rude not to eat it”
3. Clementines “Oh my darling little oranges”
4. Coffee “I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a week without coffee since before 1991.”
5. Dark chocolate peppermint crunch, “I just found out that Endangered species makes this, and it must get in my mouth”

1- Chicken noodle soup doused with sriracha: “I have the sick and no access to pho.”
2- Bubbly hot peach tea: “Is it flavorless or is my nose just that stuffed up?”
3- Chicken tortilla soup: “Was that an actual taste coming through?!”
4- Vitamins: “They’re a food, dammit.”
5- Hot water: “Why waste the tea bags?”

1. cheddar-twists: “carbs and cheddar, I love you”
2. mashed potatoes: “alone or piled with other tasty things, mashed potatoes are the most perfect food”
3. dark chocolate peanut-butter cup: *menstratiooooon*
4. homemade applesauce: “warm. with cinnamon and a dash of ginger.”
5. oolong tea with chrysanthemum flower: “new tea splurge! I will drink you ALL the times!”

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