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Weekend Open Thread for November 9, 2012

It’s Friday night! Let’s have some fun in this open thread, shall we? 

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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1)I had bloodwork done on Friday for my boob issue (previously mentioned in one of last weeks OTs) and I have an ultrasound appointment 8am Tuesday so yay for actually following through! I have a nice giant bruise on my arm from the needle. The tech was not that great :-/

2)Anyone have any tips on how to unclog a drain? My shower is almost completely clogged and I’m panicking a bit since I only have one…

3)My birthday is on Friday (the big 2-5) and I took off of work Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Tomorrow my dad and I are going for dinner at a bbq place to celebrate early and I’m super pumped.

4)I went to one of the local gay clubs with my bestfriendbrother(as I call him) and his boyfriend and ended up getting hardcore grinded on by this random dude on the dance floor? Like, felt up, neck kissing, earlobe sucking (???!). And after I awkwardly danced away from him, he kept hanging close to me and my friends like he had a shot or something. It was super weird and creepy and not at all what I expected at a gay bar since I’m not exactly a gay dude. People are so bizarre. (gifs are my reaction to this scenario)

I don’t know what your hair is like, but my shower clogs up with hair all of the time. (The manfriend and I both have long hair). I have to unscrew the drain cap off every so often and pull the huge disgusting clump of hair from it–then bam, no standing in water when showering. I think they actually make a tool for this, so one does not have to do it manually…but yeah, I just fish it out with my hands.

But if it’s not a hair issue, I got nothing. :)

Also, hope your testing comes out okay. Scary body issues are nothing to sneeze at, so I’m glad you got it checked out. :)

Hi P-Mag Pals,
I am sorry I haven’t been around much… I have been frantically academic conferencing and studying for my candidacy exam (which is this FRIDAY! eeep!). I am seriously so excited to move on with my life in some form or another after Nov 16th…but hopefully in the form of being a PhD candidate. Also… my man-friend is in town this weekend. We are currently some weird picture of domesticity, with me studying and him repairing a dress shirt.

Oh man. And Black Friday looms. You have my sympathy. Last year was my first non-retail job Christmas in a long while and it was weird not to be working all hours during the holidays. May all your equipment function correctly, all your stocks be sufficient, and your returns be few.

I played paintball for this first time yesterday! It was a blast despite my complete lack of skill. And the paintballs don’t even hurt as much as the welts they leave would suggest. I’m thinking this may have to be a new hobby of mine.

(Also, we were playing with white paint, and I had a reaaaally hard time restraining myself from making inappropriate-for-a-work-event bodily fluid jokes.)

I saw it today with Mini. I was blown away by it. It was thoughtful, smart, and personal. I was surprised at a number of things and the motorcycle stunt at the beginning actually made me gasp. It’s absolutely at the top of my favorite Bond films. Though I can’t help but noticing that certain developments at the end of the movie put us back into a familiar set up that the reboot had shaken up. I hope Craig signs on for more films — this was the last one in his contract.

And even Mini, who hasn’t seen more than one of two Bond movies, thought it was fantastic.

So I placed this on Craigslist yesterday, headlined “Attention Geezers!”
“Dried-up hag seeks grizzled old coot for companionship and quarreling. Liberals only, no Christians.”

WOW am I popular! Even after weeding out some nastiness and prostitutes I am left with three or four witty and seemingly intelligent men to email with (and one I really have some hope for).

So here’s to a little hope for a change. ;)

It’s been an adventure for sure. I did spend an hour or two on the phone tonight with a very nice prospect, feeling good about him.

Last night around bedtime I got a picture of a very naked geezer in a very messy, almost hoarderistic, yard. I laughed and laughed; forwarded to my BFFs; and replied today that he needs to clean up his yard. The idea ! That I might want to see his ! Dick ! Really ! Under that ! Belly ! o hahahahahaha

I went to a second art&craft show today and managed to start my holiday shopping (plus a few bonus things for me… heh). Now I’ve got a pumpkin pie baking in the oven made with real pumpkin from the farmstand down the street. When that’s done, in goes a rabbit with potatoes and buttercup squash. The oven has priorities…

Hope everyone is having a suitably solemn Remembrance Day today! We watched the coverage from Ottawa at 9AM our time, then went down to the memorial outside the legion to watch the HUGE wreath-laying ceremony. Tomorrow night we’re putting up our little bits of Christmas stuff.

I *know* I need to spend time on NaNoWriMo today, but I have all of the OTHER things to do too. And I start being productive and then:

I am trying to find a stupid ring (it was a high school graduation gift and has NEVER fit, so I don’t wear it) so I can take it to a jewelry store and sell it. Because, right now, money > pretty and useless rings. Where is it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuugh.

Blerg. I just opened a jar of the cherry preserves I made this summer, and they’re moldy. I was going to use them as Christmas gifts but now I’ll be throwing them all (20 jars) out. I thought all the jars had sealed, but I guess not.

In other news, I’ve had a ridiculous few weeks at work, which has required be to work 12 hour days or bring work home with me every night, and I have not even started on my NaNoWriMo project. And it’s probably too late to get caught up now but I’m still going to start tonight.

But. It snowed last night and most of today, and everything outside is beautiful.

Went to a new hair place, stylist offered me 20 minutes between appointments and a dry cut since she felt bad for me. (Interview on Tuesday, can’t get in anywhere) Sat down in the chair, and she goes, “You’re probably used to having your hair cut dry, aren’t you?” I told her I was not, that it was usually cut when wet. Her response was, “You have a massive amount of really fine hair. It will show every slice of the scissors. It should always be cut dry.” Did it really take 25 years for someone to give me the answer to why every haircut I’ve ever had never looks quite right??

ohmyglob, I want that kitten in the gif. My cat has been wandering around the house, then running up and down the stairs to the various windows on the north side of the house, and meowing like he is possessed. I think there’s a neighboring boy-cat outside that he reaallly wants to go fight.

Seriously though, like he is possessed.

I definitely did! No longer casually dating the friend I frequently visit in the city, because we decided it was time for serious dating.

Aaaaaw yeah.

I mean, she’s going to be in school for another few months, and I maaaay have a chance to move an hour closer? (There is a possible promotion at work that would involve relocation to Albany, which… that’s where my family is. I have a great group of friends and an amazing support network here in Binghamton, but… family! And significant promotion! And much more convenient to visit the ladyfriend!) But yeah there is no chance for us living in the vicinity of each other for at least a year.

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