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Not a bad week in terms of storylines. Strangely, I think there was more fanservice in Sword Art Online than in K this week. Shin Sekai Yori‘s episode is mostly about the Monster Rats. Jormungand is the start of a new arc and rather slow. Finally, Psycho-Pass is totally awesome this week. Virtual avatars and web popularity are interesting themes.

Sword Art Online, ep 18

Looks like the subbers decided to call the World Tree by its correct name: Yggdrasil.

You know, a virtual game where you can fly is probably totally awesome.

Yeah, game drama. Sigurd is such a jerk. He considers his party members to be “objects” that he controls. I suspect he’s going to try to attack Leafa and Kirito later. So predictable. Anyhow, we are now following team Renegade (Leafa and Kirito) who don’t know that they live in the same house and are brother and sister. I love irony. I also have the feeling that Sugu has a thing for her brother and, I guess, Kirito in ALO now as well. The revelation of who Kirito is should bring quite the reaction from her.

There was a bit of fanservice in this episode.

K, ep 5

Seems like Kuroh has a lots of talent: cooking, needlework, festival preparation management. He’s such a girl.

So when the HOMRA and Spectre 4 people go to the school, Shiro, Kuroh and Neko left to do some “shopping.” I guess some people have no luck in life and others have way too much. Or something is controlling the school students.

Yata, a White Knight virgin? I’m sure there is some story behind this. Also, his first name is Misaki. There is nothing like meeting a former friend to get insidious information about somebody. The traitor, Fushimi, got both the “red” and “blue” powers. I wonder how many people know about that. Seri is called the Heartless Woman by Mr. Kusinagi only. Now, I wonder what is the story behind that one. Her face was priceless, though, and the preview for next episode seems to be related to this.

Huh, Shiro isn’t on the student list, and his school friend told Yata she doesn’t know him as well. It’s like the whole school forgets about Shiro when he’s not around.  Not much Shiro and friends in this episode as well. It was mostly centered on Yata, Fushimi and Seri. Looks like next episode isn’t that much about Shiro either.

This episode also has a little drop in quality.

Shin Sekai Yori ep 5

Hmm, the art style seems to have changed a bit. All the characters look older, but the episode started exactly where the previous one ended.

The “balloon dog” that explodes has blades inside of him. Seems that it’s just a bomb. It also killed Rajin. This mean the kids were all left to themselves. In this episode we followed Saki and Satoru. We also saw the first sign of the “Bonobo gene.”

Monster Rat mother with large teats
Mommy Monster Rat

Beside that, there were just a lot of monster rats and their little wars between the colonies. Looks like somebody forgot to manipulate the DNA of these creatures so they would be “colonies of love” too.

Psycho-Pass ep 4

Talisman Saloon = freaky virtual reality psychologist/”reality show.” Although, it makes me think of Ghost in the Shell virtual reality round table discussions too.

Nietzsche quoting! I should have expected that one: “When you gaze long into the Abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” It gets brownie points for being used in Baldur’s Gate (and countless other shows).

Err, calling the cops because a resident hasn’t reported his toilet was broken for two months. What kind of landlord does that? They usually try to avoid having to repair stuff… or you know, repair it without the owner knowing about it if they are high-tech self diagnosing devices that tell their management of the building that they don’t work anymore. Well, I guess if it’s because the resident hasn’t shown up for two months and might be dead that it’s a good idea.

Bleh, street scanners keeping track of everybody’s movements. Do you think they have them in the backwater towns? That’s where I’ll move when we get these stuff implemented for real.

Gino is such an incompetent investigator. I never believe anything unless his Dominator tells him to shoot somebody. Proof, evidence, and alibis don’t matter.

Oh, the guy who is missing for two months was the freaky Talisman avatar… except that this dude was chopped in pieces and flushed down the toilet.

Gino’s virtual avatar is a U.S. dime and there is a web celeb called Spooky Boogie? Akane avatar’s name is Lemonade Candy, by the way. And Spooky Boogie knows her… from school… scary!

And it’s look like Spooky Boogie’s original “actor” is no more. I guess Akane will found out next episode, because she has a hint of who she was. It also appear that the guy responsible for all this showed up in episode 1, watching Kougami fighting somebody. The white haired dude; I guess this is the “main” plot of the show.

Jormungand Perfect Order, ep 4

Kasper (Koko’s brother) only eats burgers, including while in Asian restaurants out in Jakarta. He also hasn’t sold anything in a while. Looks like he’s got competition in Southeast Asia by a Japanese company. Except that HCLI HQ cannot identify the company in question. Looks interesting.

Hmm, lots of flashbacks from the first season here with Jonah and the kids that were taken by Kasper. I guess it’s a good way to save money. At least Jonah got to see the kids doing well and going to school.

So Kasper’s plan to find the hidden company is to kill a guy on vacation? Seems like it did piss off the Japanese lady. Kasper also narrowed down who it might be: a department of Japan’s Intelligence Agency, the former workplace of one of Koko’s bodyguards.

Not sure what is going to happen next episode though, you can’t exactly piss off a country just because they are destroying your business, right?

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