Weekly Anime Review

Another great week. I guess all of the anime are finding their footing now and the “introduction” phase is over. Sword Art Online, Shin Sekai Yori  and Jormungand get into some action. K now seems to have a plot with some intrigue and Psycho-pass shows that there are real detectives in that future.

Sword Art Online ep 19

Nice spellcasting system, but yeah, having to really memorize the spells (all the words) seems like quite a bit of work.

OMG! Kirito got an “illusion” that turns him into a really big scary monster (that looks like one of the floor bosses from Sword Art Online). He destroyed a 12-man unit sent to kill him and Leafa. Spriggan magic is badass.

Kirito's new look, a monster with glowing eyes
Kirito’s new look

Oh, Realms politics and backstabbing. ALO sounds almost like EVE here, well without all the trading/crafting/mining thing. Although, if Kirito helps all the people in distress in his way to save Asuna he will never make it.

Shin Sekai Yori ep 6

Saki succeeded in giving Satoru his power back. Seems like the whole ceremony is important, but the mantra is the most important of all. Saki knew Satoru’s mantra because they exchanged theirs once. Well not really exchanged, Saki was just more intelligent than Satoru in the process of showing something for a few seconds.

Dang, Satoru is powerful and a bit power-hungry too, I think. The “evil rat monsters” can transform themselves into any kind of creatures? There was a weird tree creature, frogs and moles. They also have giant rats.

Saki did make one mistake though, she pretty much told them that she had no power. I don’t expect the “friendly” rat monsters to stay friendly once the Earth Spiders are exterminated.

Psycho-Pass ep 5

So the psycho-pass pretty much evaluates how crazy you are. The guy impersonating the “stolen” avatars was totally crazy. I mean if you are talking to AI programmed versions of those avatars, you have a small little problem.

Kougami proved he’s an awesome detective in this episode. We also learn that he’s Gino former co-investigator. He was demoted after a case when his CC raised too much and he preferred to keep going and not go to therapy.

Although, the Public Safety Bureau made a big mistake here. They killed Mido (the stolen avatars guy) without questioning him. There were others besides him and now they are free and still in the shadows.

Jormungand Perfect Order ep 5

This episode was pretty much a history lessons on Japanese spies. No idea if it was true history or made up though. I’m going for fake.

The SR colonel decided to attack both Kasper and Koko. Kasper went to Jakarta and dealt with his attacker rather easily. We should get Koko’s team fight next week I guess. I personally think that Koko got the stronger team. We should get a lot of fireworks next episode.

K ep 6

This episode was a strange mix of real-time and flashbacks. It also raised more questions than it gave answers. Oh, and it was almost fanservice free.

First, Tsotuka, the guy killed by Shiro-like, knew that Mikoto was going to become a king before he did. He was also totally careless, had “old man” hobbies and could sing. The fact that he knew somebody was going to be a king and was stalking him to become his vassal is suspicious. Especially, when you consider that the former Colorless King could see the future”¦

Beside this, Seri going to see the Mr. Kusanagi wasn’t a flashback like I thought it would be. They seem to be a pretty good team actually. I’m really wondering what is their story now. She was trying to get info from Kusanagi about Mikoto’s mental state.  He doesn’t seem to do very well though, most of the flashbacks were his. I think he feels guilty. We also got a bit of French”¦ lol.

Seri and Kunasagi
Seri and Kunasagi

Finally, Shiro might not be Shiro. He has a bunch of false memories. People at school don’t know him when he tried to call them either. The important part though was that Neko didn’t want Kuroh to call them with the phone. I’m starting to suspect that she’s responsible for the memory problems of everyone.

Kuroh continues to be creepy and cool at the same time.  Shiro and the HOMRA guy that died seem to have a lot in common as well.

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