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Woah, the season is going by fast. We’re already at the halfway point. Sword Art Online continues with a bit of fighting and not much plot advancement. Unless Sugu having a heart attack when she learns Kirito is her brother is plot advancement. Shin Sekai Yori gets a time jump next episode. Psycho-Pass and K plots seems to be in full steam now. Finally, Jormungand‘s arc on Togo is completed with a twist and he doesn’t die. Also, lots of white-haired pretty boys this week.

Sword Art Online, Episode 20

Kirito dual-wielded in a game where the skill doesn’t exist? He also demolished the supposed best player of the game along the way and stopped the Salamanders from killing the leaders of the two parties making an alliance.

And now both leaders, who are women, are into Kirito. Sigh, if Asuna was around.

Speaking of Asuna, she opened her cage door and seems to be ready to “escape” now.

And poor Sugu, she still doesn’t know that Kirito is her brother. The shock is going to be awful to watch.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 7

Well, that monster rat sure has a low opinion of himself, but Kiroumaru is awesome. First, he’s not ugly. Second, he doesn’t look like a rat. Third, he’s a samurai. Fourth, he has big boats.

The kids are all back together now, too. It was sort of funny to see Saki and Satoru turn paranoid about Kiroumaru though. Kids can be stupid sometimes.

Shun now has his power back, and the others gained theirs once they got back as well. Seems like the real story will start next episode though. The kids are older, as well.

Psycho-Pass, Episode 6

OK, there is something very wrong about Akane. She doesn’t get drunk after emptying several glasses of alcohol one after the other. Also, her psycho-pass never moves, despite heavy work-related stress. I’m starting to wonder if she’s actually “human.” She also seems more interested in the well-being/stress of Kogami than anything else. Could she be an android created by Sibyl?

Speaking of Kogami, the guy is clearly obsessed with the case that made him lose his job. Seems like both the manufactured killer and the one replacing virtual pop-stars have received help from others. Which is exactly like the Specimen Cases, where one of Kogami’s Enforcers was killed in a really gruesome case.

Speaking of gruesome cases, there is a student in a for-girls-only school that has a thing for really morbid art creations. Which include real corpses. She seems to be mentored by the same guy that provided help to the killer in the last arc. The white-haired pretty boy.

This show is really starting to feel like a cop show mixed with a horror movie.

K, Episode 7

Neko is a Strain? It’s like she was called a disease. I guess that she is. I don’t like her annoying fan service character just there to do comic relief and run around naked. She’s cute when she’s a cat though. So Strain was mentioned earlier in the series, but never fully explained beside “people that develop psychic powers without the help of a king.” Although, the past life still of Neko’s life doesn’t make it sound like she had that much power before meeting Shiro.

Woah, The Blue King is an awesome fighter. Kuroh can’t hit him at all. His power also allows him to dispel Neko’s illusions, although the dispelling isn’t instant. He fell for one at the end. He also did the coolest bitch slap ever.


Shiro, you have an umbrella. Why not use it when it rains? Also, it seems like this umbrella never left his side.

So Neko is the one who screwed with Shiro’s mind, because she was the first to find him when he fell on the school building. Looks like he has “natural” amnesia from his fall too. He’s name is not Ashiro Asana either, that was made up on the spot. He has amazing lying skills. The only thing he remembers before Neko finding him is that he was thrown off by a white-haired pretty boy (Weismann, seen in episode 2 briefly) from a “Zepplin” the day he apparently killed Tatara. Going by the personality, Weismann probably changed the video to show Shiro in it, while he did the killing.

I find it interesting that the show has three white-haired character as well: Anna who has psychic powers and hangs out with Homra; Weismann, who is a king, I think; and Shiro. All members of the same family, maybe?

Shiro showed telepathic powers this episode as well. He talked “remotely” to Kuroh while doing a show for Spectre 4. Something actually happened there that was a bit strange, though. A Sword of Damocles showed up. Most people seems to think that it was an illusion, but Shiro didn’t say thank you for that one and it was seen by somebody far away from where everyone was. Neko’s abilities are limited to a sphere around herself… Could it be that Shiro really does have powers, just forgot about the whole king and vassals stuff?

Jormungand, Episode 6

Why did the Colonel say that the Jakarta group was successful when they are all dead?

The answer is simple, he used HCLI to clean up the SR team and he left to rejoin his wife and kid. He didn’t have a fake marriage.

Not much to say besides that Togo found a job really fast after leaving his spy organization. I wonder how Kasper gets his information.

Two men sit at a table. Subtitles read "Barely twenty minutes had passed before I was employed again."
How to get a job

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