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Awesome week in terms of anime. K brings up a few more questions. Psycho-Pass is simply horrific. Shin Sekai Yori starts a new arc that will probably impact your little group deeply and Jormungand brings us lots of explosions. Sword Art Online was the low event of the week.

Sword Art Online, Episode 21

Kirito, you didn’t! He put ice cold water in Sugu’s shirt collar. Both also went to sleep at 4 a.m.

Asuna found the secret laboratory! Lots of “brains” suffering. It also has strange, hmm, creatures doing analysis of those same brains. Unfortunately, Asuna failed to logout and was tentacle raped… Sigh.

Two large pink monsters looking at a holographic brain
Monsters or Administrators, you decide

Poor Suguha, she realized that she was in love with her “brother” (well, second cousin, in reality) after going with him to see Asuna at the hospital. She knows she can’t do anything about it. She told that to Kirito in-game while crying like a baby. Poor, poor Suguha.

Let’s talk about something else now, though. How can the fairies reach the top if after players reached the branch they patched the only known way to do it? Sound like Sogou doesn’t want players to achieve that.

Yui sensed her Momma and Kirito flew straight up like a crazy man. The next episode should be interesting.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 8

A two-year time skip and everybody turned gay. Sort of. Because society banned  boy/girl sexual relationships before they are adults, all the kids turn to same-sex ones for “hormone” reasons and I guess a bit of Bonobo genes, too.

Of course, they are people who defy this social engineering and get all confused. Like Mamoru who is totally into Maria. But Maria is all into Saki, who herself seems to have a crush on Shun. And, well, Shun is “role-playing” going out with Satoru, but he dumps him (that was cold).

Seems like Saki and Satoru are still at odds just like when they were kids. Saki is still having issues with her powers as well.

Anyway, poor Mamoru. Saki totally realized that he was pining for Maria and she asked him if it was fun. Although, I think she was just asking that because she was pining for Shun, but decided to go with Maria because everybody else was doing it.

Although, this episode was more about Shun’s downfall. The guy has always been too intelligent for his own good. He was given a difficult assignment at school and deliberately tried something else. He was to grow a chick in an egg, but he grew a monster. We just saw the monstrous eye. This means he was put into confinement and will probably be killed or kill himself. He’s turning into a Karmic Demon. He also knows that they only delayed their punishment. So everyone has to stay clear of cats.

The animation was quite uneven this episode as well.

Three students

Psycho-Pass, Episode 7

Oh boy, the creepy “Oujo-sama” is really crazy. It seems like her “trauma” started with her father. He was an artist and her corpse-sculpture is actually based on his work. He wanted to highlight people’s atrocities to make them better people. Sort of like a Saint. His daughter is a serial killer, so I guess he failed somewhere. When the Sibyl system went online, he no longer had a reason to live and his life just faded away.

Kougami was taken off the case, because it looks similar to the Specimen Case. Akane sort of made a blunder too, by saying that she knew about the case. As a “punishment,” Gino assigned her to watch over Kougami. Basically, stay back at the office watching a guy without a shirt doing hand-to-hand combat. Kougami is a beast in martial arts, it seems. The poor robot had his face trashed.

Great, seems like this is a return of the Specimen Case from three years ago. The suspect for that case used to work at the for girls-only school where creepy “Oujo-sama” resides. And we know that she’s the one killing people now. She also seems to sleep with her victim first, and then give them a speech about her dad in her bedroom full of creepy art (all the art her father did).

The pretty white-haired guy’s name is Makishima. Seems like he’s against the Psycho-pass system for various reasons. Human lifespans have regressed because of the lack of moderate stress. Basically, people die of boredom and apathy. He’s enabling anarchy because of this. Or maybe he just likes all the craziness.

Half the episode was spent on Roukyo (the crazy student) and it was like being in the mind of a serial killer. This episode also ended with an awesome cliffhanger. Well, a scary cliffhanger.

K, Episode 8

Nobody wants Seri’s cooking. Including herself. Ahahaha.

Lol, Shiro you are a funny guy.

Reisi: “Do you know about that man from the Airship?”
Shiro: “Just from a crash course.” (He was thrown out of the airship and had a crash.)

So, the guy in the airship is known as the first King, the Silver King, Adolph K. Weismann. He’s the guy who pushed Shiro out of his ship. And the second King, the Gold King, protects Weismann. It’s a bit of a problem for Spectre 4, but Reisi said he was going to deal with it later.

Although, Reisi isn’t doing that for fun, the Airship pattern has changed since Tatara died. Actually, the Airship was right at the spot where Tatara died. I’m starting to think that Weismann is actually now Shiro and the dude who killed Tatara is now in his original body.

The crazy dude in the airship blew it up, too. He really sounds like the guy who killed Tatara, at least.

Seems like we are going to have flashbacks next episode and Mikoto is going to do something stupid (or more like Homra will).

Jormungand,  Episode 7

Interlude before a new story-arc that starts by delivering equipment to build a school to improve HCLI public relationship. We got some flashback from William Nelson, aka Wilee Coyote. Seems like Lehm, Echo and a few others have known each other for a long time. Lehm is a former Delta Force guy. William was a military engineer that graduated as an architect (he’s a demolition expert). He then joined the Delta force and later Koko’s team.

So, Koko’s convoy had mercenaries called Excalibur that are totally crazy. They shot a car just for fun. She fired them in the middle of the desert. The guys didn’t seem to like it.

Koko and Wilee are the two only members of the them who are on the blacklist of the alphabet agencies. After this episode I can understand why. Jeez, the guy loves bombs.

Lots of F-words in this episode (in Engrish too). I don’t remember the previous one having so many.

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