20 Awesome Holiday Nail Art Designs

No holiday is complete without festive fingernails. Get inspired with some of the best Christmas, Hanukkah, and Festivus nail art on the interwebs! 

Fingernails painted white with blue tips, adorned with blue and silver Star of David snowflakes
Hanukkah snowflakes nails by Maryam Maquillage
Nails painted with sparkly blue polish. The thumbnail has a silver Star of David, the pinky nail has a dreidel, and the other three fingers each have three branches of a menorah, with the first and center candles painted on in white
Hanukkah nails by Nailed Daily (I love that you can “light” a new candle each night!)
Nails painted a sparkly green-ish blue with white tips that drip down into icicles
Icicle nails by Top Coat It
Nails painted a shimmery ice blue with white snowflakes stamped on and a hint of silver glitter
Snowflake Nails by Our Painted World
Alternating red nails with white stamped snowflakes and white nails with red stamped snowflakes. Person is holding red base coat, Zoya Sarah.
Snowflakes by Steffels
Two hands with silver nails with a slightly different snowman on each nail.
Snowman Nails by Rina Alcantara (Instructions at the link)
Nails painted red with a black stripe and silver glitter belt buckle
Santa’s Belt by Polish2Times
Nails painted gold with red Santa hats trimmed in white, surrounded by tiny white snowflakes
Santa’s Hat by Set in Lacquer (Instructions at the link)
Four nails painted with red glitter, with an accent nail of Rudolph's face and antlers on a white background.
Rudolph Nail by Polish and Pearls  (Instructions at the link)
Brown nails with eyes, red noses, and tan antlers.
Rudolph Nails by Top Coat It
Red nails with evergreens growing in the snow.
O Tannenbaum Nails by Nail Nerd
Marbled nails in two shades of green with gold stars and garland dots
Water Marbled Christmas Tree by Colores de Carol
Green nails with silver garland and multicolored ornaments
Christmas Tree Nails by Nails in Nippon
Tiffany blue nails with a white lace pattern and black and white ribbons and bows. Person is holding bottle of the base coat, China Glaze For Audrey, and a fake evergreen sprig.
Tiffany Blue Presents Nails by Chit Chat Nails
Taupe nails with a tiny gingerbread man surrounded by holly on each one. Person is holding a bottle of the base coat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Quick Sand.
Gingerbread Man by Colores de Carol
Nails painted red with a white lace pattern stamped near the tips. Person is holding a bottle of the base coat, OPI Big Apple Red.
Christmas Nails with Lace by Nailside
Nails painted red with white designs painted on: poinsettia, stripes, and reindeer.
Christmas Sweater nails by Tanya Young (posted on Zoya’s Facebook page)
Black nails with the Grinch painted across three fingers and extra presents on the thumb and pinky
Grinch Nails by Chit Chat Nails
Gold polish with pink and gold tissue paper confetti affixed with clear top coat
Confetti Nails by The Beauty Department (Not strictly speaking a holiday-specific mani, but I love it. Instructions at the link.)
Nails painted silver with glittery tips
Festivus Nails by Cutesville (Let’s face it, there’s not much you can do with a holiday centered around an aluminum pole. I’m just happy this exists.)


By [E] Hillary

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I am in complete awe of those who can do nail art. I can barely manage regular polish by myself. There’s something that rubs me the wrong way about going to nail salons (the power dynamic is just too much), so my holiday nails extend about as far as a glitter topcoat.

I love the Grinch nails! I did mine red with a shiny topcoat the other night, but I never got around to adding the belt. I think I can just about manage the straight line for it; beyond that I’m not terribly coordinated. Some of these were done with Konad stamps rather than freehand, which makes them much easier!

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