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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Be My Friend?

Let’s distract ourselves from the anger about what happened in Newtown on Friday with some ladyblogging.

Two frames. Top: Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Kelly Ayotte at a podium, captioned "You can't sit with us!" Bottom: UN Ambassador Susan Rice.
Congress is just like Regina George.

It happened to me: I don’t have a best friend. Anyone who has ever looked for new friends as an adult will relate to this. XOJane

Should lifestyle ladybloggers have to write about sex? XX Factor

Walking the line between racism and relativism. SkepChick

More angst about The Good Men Project. Feministe

RookieMag talks about faith and feminism. Aside: I love that young girls are talking about this stuff. Tavi is a jewel and thank goodness she’s there to show young girls that the world isn’t all sparkly vampires. RookieMag

Mean Girls of Capitol Hill. BuzzFeed

La Diva de La Gente: Remembering Jenni Rivera. Racialicious

Alan Turing was a mathematician and code-breaker during WWII who was convicted of homosexuality. Scientists are petitioning to have him posthumously pardoned. There is also a wonderful movieĀ starringĀ Derek Jacobi called Breaking the Code if you want to know more about this forgotten hero. The Mary Sue

What are you reading this week?

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7 replies on “Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Be My Friend?”

The best friend xojane article and the rookie mag article on religion both got to me. I currently don’t have any close female friends aside from my sister, and we live an hour and a half away from each other. And as far as religion goes, I don’t think–and never have felt–that my faith is at odds with my feminism. On the contrary, I feel that they inform each other.

You know who should write about sex? People who want to write about sex. Women are capable of reading multiple sites if one doesn’t cover everything they’re interested in. The original post was ridiculous, and I’m glad Slate ripped it apart.

And OMG Mean Girls. Hilarious.

The XOJane article really got to me because there have been times that I’ve felt someone was a, if not a best friend, then a gogd friend, but they did not feel the same about me. That’s a heartbreaking thing to realize.

Also, someone in the comments mentioned that she’s watched her friends get showered with help and gifts before a wedding or a birth and while she’s happy for her friends getting support, she knew the same would not happen with her and she’d be doing everything herself. I could see the same thing happening with me.

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