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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Did You Read?

Don’t you love living in a time with so many women’s voices talking about lady things? Of course you do!

How to be an ally, a really handy guide. Skepchick

The great thing about the Internet is that it gives the chance for plucky young progressives to try to make a change. This gal is trying to get Hasbro to market the Easy-Bake Oven to both boys AND girls. The Frisky

Not really ladyblog material, but I was totally charmed by Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carrey’s rendition of the greatest Chrismas song ever.

All my creys! This gal read LOTR and it helped lift her out of some deeply dark times. RookieMag

You probably heard about the Chinese grandfather who started modeling his grandaughter’s clothing for her website. Sociological Images talks a bit about how this is a great example of how gender is performed. Sociological Images

This post about a breakup that happens because the dude wanted kids and the lady didn’t is really, really great because it highlights something that doesn’t often get talked about: sometimes dudes want kids, and sometimes girls don’t. XX Factor

An interview with a Party Princess that’ll make you think about princess culture in a whole new way. The Mary Sue

Pregnancy brain in sitcoms. Bitch Flicks

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Whenever I hear about a man wanting kids where a woman doesn’t, the first thing I think is “it’s easy for having kids to be non-negotiable when it isn’t your vagina being ripped in half.” (Or, in all likelihood, your career and free time that go away.)

I know that’s reductive and simplistic, but it’s where I go.

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