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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Read Them for the Articles

You really should read this week’s dispatches. Why? They’ve got analysis of the sad double-standard of male and female movie stars in editorials, discussions of porn and some brainy literary discussion. But why should you really read this week’s dispatches? Because one of the articles has a delicious animated gif of Chris Hemsworth.

Liz Lemon and Criss at the wedding. He wears a suit; she's dressed as Princess Leia, hair buns and allLiz Lemon gets married and solves ALL  our feminist dilemmas having to do with marriage. Not really, but she makes us laugh about it. XX Factor

The XXFactor was pretty awesome last week, so here’s another: single people and weddings. As a single lady who has never been married and who is currently listening to my friend plan her wedding that will cost me around $1,000 to attend (destination”¦ yeah, I resent it), this gives me FEELINGS. XX Factor

Dioramas inspired by 19th century women novelists. Need I say more? The Atlantic

Porn, do you watch it? I personally read it, but then it’s called erotica and for some reason has less baggage. The Gloss

An open letter to Chris Hemsworth about the sad double-standard between male and female celebrities in photo shoots. I only read it for the commentary. I promise. Pajiba

Rookie is here to motivate you and make you give up giving up. I seriously needed this because I am working on making my dreams come true. Rookie Mag

Negative portrayals of Muslims are more popular than positive ones. Colorlines

All my creys! The story of Elizabeth Warren and her beloved dog, Otis. Boston Globe

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