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Gift Guide – For Your Bestie

For me, buying gifts for my closest friends and sisters is almost as much fun as buying items for the kids on my list. 

You can go with something totally personal and thoughtful, or you can veer into the odd and completely out there gifts that you know would get you side-eye from most, but pure joy from them. In that vein, let’s get started.

TopatoCo: Henry Rollins Tattoo Whiteboard.

White expo board with outline of Henry Rollins shirtless to draw tattoos on

Henry Rollins, shirtless, for you to draw tattoos on. (Or sleep with. Or lick. We don’t judge here.) Gift giving has been won. There is almost no reason to go on.

ROCKWORLDEAST – The Walking Dead, Vinyl Figure, Daryl.

box and bobblehead of Daryl from The Walking Dead holding a crossbow

For any Walking Dead fans on your list, a Daryl bobble-head is a pretty safe bet as far as favorite characters go. A total bad ass with a soft gooey center? He is much loved. [Mine. -PoM]

A+R Store – Cheese! Satchel – Product Detail.

woman holding a bag that looks like a cartoon drawing in orange and white

These bags are the bees knees. They are a little pricier than I like to spend, but they are so freaking cool, I may have to give in for someone. They look like drawings! But they are 3D!!

Doctor Who Junior Womens Tardis Outline T-Shirt.

black Dr. Who woman's tee with a white Tardis on it

I am ashamed to admit that I have not watched Doctor Who *ducks*. It is on my list, I swear. However, I know there are tons of fans around these parts, and this shirt is super cute.

UNICORN DROP EARRING GOLD accessories jewelry earrings fashion.

gold unicorn drop earrings with pink rhinestones

How I missed these for the unicorn gift guide is beyond me, so here they go. They most definitely must have a place in one of the guides because holy shit they are awesome. Want.

Bookworm Socks.

blue socks with Book Worm written in yellow

As we are a site devoted to clever and bookish women, I imagine there might be a few people y’all hang out with in real life that these would be fitting for.

NERD Text Metal Art Bookends FREE USA by KnobCreekMetalArts.

black Iron bookends that spell out NERD holding up four books

Yet another shop where I want all the things. Mermaids, alien abductions, skulls; you name it, this shop probably has it in bookend form. Who doesn’t need more bookends?

princess bride pastel pencil set of 6 CANNOT by thecarboncrusader.

six pencils with the phrases "as you wish", "inconceivable", "Buttercup and Wesley", "prepare to die", and " queen of putrescence" engraved on them

The Princess Bride is one of the best movies of all time. No arguing, it is fact. That makes these pencils some of the best pencils ever made. Pretty decent selling points, no?

Happy shopping everyone!

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Thank you times a million. I just bought these pencils for my sister and I’m seriously considering keeping the other gift I bought her. She will love these to the moon and anything else will pale in comparison.

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