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LTP: 12/11/12

Kittens and unicorns, I am about ready to make the chop.


Now, when I talk about the chop, I talk about the “F It,” the “screw it” and the “NOPE.” Now, we all know that life is unfair, as two of the most unjustly let-go queens of drag in that video up there might be able to tell you. Life seems intent on beating you down and trying its best to make you feel that whatever it is that you’re doing – whatever your specialty hustle is – is something you need to give up on.

But kittens, here at Persephone, we don’t believe in giving up, because blessed be the hustlers, for they are the dreamers of dreams and the payers of rent. Even when you are feeling particularly underdog-like, doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. In fact, you might just be doing it right. So don’t be sorry – make ’em eat it. Because remember kittens, when you put yourself out there, in dresses and big hair, the people, they’ll stare. But go get what you want.

That’s how I keep going forward, and I know my divine, hard-working ladies of the night here at Persephone will agree. We all have our coping mechanisms for keeping our dreams and hustles alive. We are the writers of articles, the copyeditors who haunt your dreams.

Now, the question is, when the world is beating you down, what are your coping mechanisms? What are the things you whisper to yourself when the world has said all but to give up? To let go of your dream and just get that desk job your mom thinks you should have by now? How do you keep your dream alive?


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I don’t have any positive coping mechanisms, but I do have what will now be termed Excoriation Disorder, which is my coping mechanism of choice.

I guess the closest thing I have to positive coping is just talking it out. I find a willing participant and I just tell them all my problems. If I don’t have that, I write it down in a notebook. It helps to get it out so it doesn’t attack me from inside. Tea also helps!

When I find myself at that point I turn some very angry punk music and clean. Like get down on my hands and knees with a Magic Eraser and scrub! Once I’m done I both have had time to reflect and get to start anew in a clean environment which really helps my mental health. I make better, more thought out decisions in an orderly environment.

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