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LTP: 12/4/12

Bonjour, Kittens McTootsies. Happy Tuesday, that marvelous day occurring after Monday, and yet, before Wednesday.

Tuesdays are like Mondays, only older. It doesn’t have the hump of a Wednesday, nor the death feels of a Monday– and certainly not the oooh, wine in the cupboard excitement of a Thursday or Friday. No, Tuesdays are like the worst day of the week.

So, how to deal with such a mess of a day? Robyn. Yeah, dug, Robyn. Like water in spring, and glitter to my night, Robyn is balm to my wounds, how I get through my Tuesday morning commute.


How do you get over the Tuesday slump, peaches? (Answer: More Robyn)

By TheLadyMiss

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Headphone dance party (wireless headphones = the most awesome thing) and ignoring everyone else in my lab. I also realized today that there’s no real good reason (and certainly no blatant restriction) on why I couldn’t wear sweatpants to my lab job. I think this is going to become a regular thing.

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