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Lunchtime Poll: Band Tattoos

Let me see yo tats.

Even on tattoo-positive message boards, I’ve seen people verbally rolling their eyes at band-related tattoos. Because what if you don’t like the group anymore after a few years or something. Really, people aren’t saying anything that isn’t used against any other kind of ink.

My tattoos reflect things that are important to me at the time I get them. And one constant in my life is music. So why not celebrate that with ink?

So, anyone else have music-inspired ink? I’d love to see it.

By [E] Liza

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It’s not a great shot and it needs some touch ups, but across my wrists is tattooed “i am erica.” It’s a reference the the Eminem song “White America” [the lyric is “Erica loves my shit” and in the animated video, there are kids wearing shirts that read “i am eric” for the boys and “i am erica” for the girls.]

I don’t usually tell people the full meaning to avoid that same reaction you talked about, Liza, but this is one of my most meaningful tattoos. Similar to Ty what mentioned, it reminds me of how I made it through some particularly difficult times.

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