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Lunchtime Poll: Christmas Dinner

I’m trying to figure out what to make for Christmas dinner this year.

My husband’s family is Jewish (though not religious), so we get Chinese food every year on Christmas Eve as a running joke. Christmas Day, though, I’m never quite sure what to make. Stuffing is a must-have, not out of any tradition, but because it’s too fucking delicious to only eat on Thanksgiving. I’ve made spiral-sliced hams the last couple years, but with only three adults and a picky kiddo, that leaves WAY too many leftovers that we never seem to get to.

What’s on the menu at your place?

By [E] Hillary

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I usually go to my grandfathers and do the turkey, stuffing, veg, mashed potatoes thing but this year my family basically imploded (ugh.) so it’s just going to be me and my dad at a Chinese buffet. Which I’m actually super pumped about because 1)delicious Chinese food, all I can eat? Don’t mind if I do. 2)NO DRAMA. For real, my family is incapable of getting together for more than 15 minutes without the pettiness coming out 3)I love him dearly but my grandpa (who usually did the cooking on xmas) is not exactly the best cook.

We’re doing a big ass pan of lasagna. I’d like to say I’ll even make the noodles this year, but I’m having trouble getting the baking done, so maybe that’s too ambitious? At any rate there will be fresh sauce and fresh Italian sausage from a local source. I’m already drooling.

It will be wigilia with the boyfriend’s family Christmas Eve. They don’t do all twelve courses, but I get pickled herring and wild mushroom soup, so I don’t care. They also serve oplatek, which are exactly the same stuff communion wafers are made of, and fortunately they put honey on them to make them a little more palatable. We each get one and we go around the room eating bits off each other’s wafers and wishing each other well before dinner properly starts.

Christmas dinner will likely be a bit of prime rib with the folks. Taters and green beans and lots of gravy.

We’re having Christmas dinner on Boxing Day and it shall consist of: roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, cous cous, steamed veggies and gravy. This’ll be the first year I haven’t made/had stuffing, but I saw the salt content on the packet and just couldn’t bring myself to make it and also, it has to be admitted, I can’t be arsed making it myself, either, so we’re having cous cous instead of stuffing. It shall be delicious.

No idea what to do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, apart from baking little things that everyone can nibble at over the day and whilst presents are being opened.

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