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Lunchtime Poll: Cookie Time

I’m writing this while my first batch of holiday cookies is in the oven. Today’s haul: ricotta cookies (Mr. qSS’s granny’s recipe). Later this week: peanut butter chocolate chip. These are actually the only two kind of cookies that I know how to make. I guess it’s a good thing they are among my favorites.

So, clever and bookish ladies (and gents). What kind of cookies will you be making and/or consuming the most of this holiday season?

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I always make my mom some kind of cookie with lots of almond flavoring and/or crushed almonds in it. I try to mix it up every year by finding a different almond cookie. I think this year I will try some good old almond horns.

I also always make ginger cookies with candied ginger pieces in them. But maybe some cocoa-spice cookies are in order soon…. mmm…. cocoa and spice… Dammit, why can’t I make cookies at work?

My favorite holiday cookie is actually not a cookie. My favorite is grasshopper brownies–brownies topped with a layer of creme de menthe frosting and a layer of melted chocolate chips on top. :) They are served once all the layers are set and are SO GOOD. I also like making sugar cookies and tramp cookies because they are both traditional in my family, but the grasshopper brownies are the best! :)

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