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Lunchtime Poll: HOLIDAY MUSIC!

From the all caps, you might surmise that I love holiday music, well, Christmas music in particular.

And yes, Mariah Carey is totally on my list. As is Harry Connick, Jr. But what I really love are choral Christmas songs. I am a choir nerd and give some John Rutter arrangements of Christmas carols and I am there.

What are your favorite holiday tunes?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I’m not particularly big on Holiday music, but I have some favorites. I think The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping is the best holiday pop song, I love Little Drummer Boy and Come O’ Come Emmanuel for more traditional holiday songs, and even though it is only holiday by virtue of being in White Christmas, the song Sisters.

The unique combination of: A) being Jewish, and B) working in retail, makes me hate every single holiday song ever. Even the fun ones. Because I will hear each and every one of them at least three times a shit, six shifts a week, for six straight weeks. And that doesn’t even count when I’m off duty and subjected to Muzak hell elsewhere.

I’m the Grinch. I’ve made my peace with it.

I tend to like the goofier ones (in fact I have a whole post coming tomorrow about the tacky, horrible, probably offensive songs that I love). But now that I’m a few years removed from having to listen to them 40+ hours a week at work, I’m back to liking most of the traditional carols. “O Holy Night” done well gives my cold atheist heart chills.

Rutter’s “Gloria” is one of my favorite holiday selections. I got to sing it multiple years in two different choirs and get chills every time. I also like Vivaldi’s “Gloria” but it’s very different. “A Ceremony of Carols” by someone I can’t remember, is a collection of carols in Middle English with some Latin (“…and sing that richte balulalowe…”) which is fun to sing. :) I also really like the Peanuts Christmas album and Bing Crosby’s Christmas album. (And Mariah Carey…and N’Sync…)

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