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Lunchtime Poll: How Do You Trim Your Tree?

I’m about to go get my Christmas tree and decorations out of storage. I’m so excited!

TARDIS Christmas Ornament
This is one editor’s favorite ornament.

Growing up, we had so many ornaments that we’d do one big tree in the den, plus a smaller one in the front window. We put up some lights on the front of the house, but nothing terribly elaborate. Now I just do one tree (and desperately need to get more ornaments, since it’s much bigger than the crappy tree I had in our old tiny apartment) and probably won’t do anything outside.

What about you? Do you go all out, keep it simple, or skip decorating entirely? Is your tree up already, or do you wait until closer to Christmas?

By [E] Hillary

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Decorations go up the weekend after US Thanksgiving, and come down on Twelfth Night. My parents have quite a few ornate decorations: 2 trees (7′ and 4′), a Christmas village (maybe 2?), plus some outdoor stuff. Last year, my husband and I moved into a house after living in a condo for 5 years, so we finally got to put up our tree. What we did this year (and last) is pretty tame: our large (6′) tree in the library, some lights on the porch, stockings on the fire place, and an ornament tree in the TV room that is full of cross-stitch ornaments that my mother-in-law stitched. I like having those ornaments off the larger tree, so we can highlight her beautiful work! We adopted a puppy this year, so I’ve left all our breakable ornaments off the larger tree this year, and it still seems plenty full to me.

We have a 4′ tree that sits on a table in the corner which we cover with exactly zero breakable ornaments. My mom got one of those supper fancy sets of matching bulbs one year and it took the cats about 3 hours in the house by themselves to tip the tree over and smash them. After that we went for home made soft stuff and other unsmashables. We did a bigger tree when I was a kid, but lately the small one seems to be all anyone has time for.

Unless we got rid of furniture (and we’re already pared down), we simply don’t have space in our apartment for a tree. Even if we did have space, I wouldn’t get one because our cats would either eat it or knock it over, and I really don’t want to be worrying about that. I’m not sure how I’ll decorate yet. I haven’t had time to do it anyway.

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