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Lunchtime Poll: I Know Now

I turned 31 over the weekend.

So happy birthday to me! The most important thing I learned this year is that no matter now careful you are, if you are using bleach in any capacity, it will get onto something you really love and ruin it. It’s a small lesson, but useful nonetheless.

So, what did you learn this year?


By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I turned 31 last June, happy birthday! I think I know now that where you end up is never going to be where you plan or what you expect but will teach you a lot.

First professional jobs are challenging and wonderful. I finally have my desk set up in the library today and as the holiday break comes closer, I keep feeling like I’m looking around going how is this my life? I’m working as a school librarian in a small school that’s a great fit for me, crafting a library program with all the headaches it means and making enough money to pay bills and buy things.

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