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Midweek Open Thread

Another Wednesday, another opportunity for us to hang out together, Persphoneers.

How’s your week going? Put your feet up and tell us all about it.

By [E] Slay Belle

Slay Belle is an editor and the new writer mentor here at Persephone Magazine, where she writes about pop culture, Buffy, and her extreme love of Lifetime movies. She is also the editor of You can follow her on Twitter, @SlayBelle or email her at

She is awfully fond of unicorns and zombies, and will usually respond to any conversational volley that includes those topics.

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I have a fourth interview today (FOURTH! AUGH!) I’m hoping I am getting a job offer with it. Also, when did it get so hard to find a lady’s suit coat that was not hideous. I had to seriously hunt. I had already worn my two decent coats in previous interviews. Now I just needed one more and the offerings were all “White jacket with black accents and matching white pants with stripe down the leg like some demented band uniform” or “black lace concoction with weird silk tux style shawl collar” or “Not available in my size.” Finally found a navy one that fit nicely, but way more work than I thought it would be.

I got the tree up and (mostly) decorated. Lexie was very “helpful,” but at least she didn’t notice that I was periodically moving things around after she, say, put six identical silver balls within a one foot radius of each other on the bottom branches.

And then our attempts to make her eat the same food as us resulted in a massive crying tantrum because we had the temerity to ask her to eat pizza. We are such evil bastards. I eventually got her to eat a tiny bit of the crust and an even tinier piece that had a little cheese on it. She really fucking hates tomato sauce, apparently, and declared anything that even looked like it had touched the sauce to be “too yucky for [her] to eat!” Three year olds!

Had to twice comfort my daughter today because the crazy wind blew away her drawing that she did and really liked, as she got out of the car after school. Then later, she felt like my mom was saying that Pokemon was annoying (which she wasn’t, but I can see how she misconstrued her comments as teasing), which led to me finding out that older kids tease her about liking Pokemon and that it’s “stupid.” Poor girl. I told her that she can like whatever she wants to like and that there’s nothing wrong with that, but that I was sorry. Not much more I can do, really. :/

I made the mistake of making red wine braised chicken and a batch of cookies on the same night. Both are among my favorites and now I have a belly ache.

But aside from the overly-fully stomach, I had an incredibly productive day off. I got new jeans on sale at old navy, picked up secret santa stuffs, bought a metric fuckton of winter-themed notecards, and got some cute puppy-themed pajama pants for the mister for xmas (seriously, boston terriers in santa hats, how could you go wrong with that?).

So I’ve been putting off writing the discussion/conclusion to an article that I told my boss I’d have to him by Monday (as in… two days ago). Cause you know, if I don’t finish it I can’t be told that it’s crap (and not that it will actually be crap, but my overly perfectionist head tells me it’s so… before I’ve even written it). BUT! today I sat down and knocked out a big portion of it, and it feels like now that I’ve started that part I will totally be able to get it done and over with and on my way to edits in no time. Not quite done yet, but feeling pretty accomplished for getting through that brain-block!

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