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It’s not just American kids at risk, it seems. Today there was also an attack on elementary school  kids in central China.  A 36 year old man used a knife to attack teachers and students outside a school in Hunan province.


From The Los Angeles  Times:

Friday’s attack occurred at about 7:40 a.m. as children were arriving outside the gate of Chenpeng Village’s Wanquan Elementary School. The suspect, Min Yingjun, 36, allegedly slashed an elderly woman as well as the children. Local propaganda officials said later that Min had a psychological illness.

Pictures uploaded to the Internet by bystanders show family members carrying young children with bandages on their heads. The local reports state that four seriously wounded children were transferred to other hospitals for intensive care.


There isn’t much information to find, but it doesn’t appear that any of the victims were killed.

More to come as information becomes available.

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Exactly. I would never try to play down how horrible it must have been for those kids and their parents, but none of those parents will be burying a child a week and a half before Christmas.

There is a worldwide problem with violence, but we seem to be the only country hell bent on having the highest body count.

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