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New Show Recap: Parenthood, Season 4, Episode 10 “Trouble in Candyland”

This episode of Parenthood finds Trouble in Candyland, and in just about every other storyline on the show. Mark and Sarah hit an impasse, Julia continues to be overwhelmed by Victor, and Crosby continues to battle his cranky neighbor.

Amber and Ryan

Joel is getting ready to go on the job site when Amber randomly appears with a coffee for him. He’s befuddled by the out-of-character interaction, but her motives become instantly clear – she’s angling to get Ryan hired. Ryan turns up on the job site and bumbles his way through a couple of days. After breaking a window, he leaves and holes up in his apartment. Joel doesn’t tell Julia about the situation, but goes to knock on Ryan’s door. Ryan’s inside, ignoring him and swallowing a few pills with a beer. I do not take this as a good sign.

Ryan on a job site, wearing a vest and hard hat
Ryan on the job site. At least for one day.

Crosby, Adam and the Luncheonette

Crosby is still dealing with his cranky neighbor. His musician’s car gets towed, and clearly this game is still on. He has to brief Adam on the situation, and in true Adam fashion, Crosby is berated for well, not being Adam. Adam tries to take control of the situation, but the neighbor will not be derailed. They end up at a city-council meeting, where the neighbor and Adam go head-to-head. Crosby walks in, late, but ends up saving the day. He’s managed to rally their surrounding neighbors, who make their case. Crosby, you’re becoming more a man every day!

Julia, Victor and Kristina

Julia continues her life as a full-time mom, and this week’s issue is school. Victor is very behind and she’s battling him nightly with homework. She goes to Kristina, who happens to be having “a little me time.” As Julia confides in her and asks for help, Kristina blurts out that she is high. Julia continues, and Kristina continues to come clean. She brings out her ginormous stash of candy she uses to bribe Max. Julia tries a little candy with Victor, and it backfires. Julia’s defeated, and after her encouragement doesn’t result in a passing grade, he tells her, “You’re a liar and I’m stupid!” Her response to his defeat is simple: she tells Victor that she’ll always love him. Hey Julia, go ahead and get your kid a tutor. It will help your relationship, I promise.

Sarah, Mark and Hank

All of the above story lines pale in comparison to what’s happening in Sarah and Mark’s world. Sarah and Hank head to LA, while Mark plans to go to Napa for his friend’s wedding. When she arrives, she realizes that she should be with Mark and leaves a voice message telling him so. She sees Hank struggling with accepting that his daughter is moving to Minnesota and the two of them drown their sorrows in the hotel bar. As they are making their way back to their rooms, they stumble upon Mark, waiting in the hall. A fight ensues, and it continues the next day. At dinner that night, Mark articulates what’s bothering him. He points out that Hank needs Sarah the way Seth needed Sarah, and while he was able to accept Seth’s relationship with Sarah, he can’t with Hank. He leaves the restaurant, telling her that he can’t do it any more. Oh Sarah. The episdoe wraps up with Hank saying goodbye to his daughter. Sarah joins him and asks how it went. Her reply is, “Not good.” He asks her the same thing, and her answer is the same, “Not good.”

Mark and Sarah arguing. She has her back to him and looks sad.
Not good is an understatement, Sarah.

So. Hooray for Crosby and the Luncheonette! As for everything else, I don’t even know. Ryan’s reacclimation to civilian life isn’t going well. Will Joel be able to help him in a way that Zeek can’t? Or is Amber destined for heartache? Have you noticed a similarity in how Sarah and Amber love? Are Sarah and Mark really through? How will this mess up Drew?

All of these questions linger in the background, but according to the preview, Kristina will be front and center. I’m going to be sitting with a box of tissues, I can feel it.

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